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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Canadian Thanksgiving was the second weekend in October. We were away, so we had Thanksgiving dinner here with our family last night. I scaled it back a bit, making smaller amounts of turkey dressing, gravy, and dessert. We have leftover turkey, salad, potatoes, and vegetables. I made Low-Carb Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes too. The soup stock simmered overnight in the crockpot.


I have my TOPS meeting today, so I will have an up on the scale, due to water retention from dinner. Also, I have to dress in heavier clothes.

I want to automate my decision making and effort for my meals. Yesterday I bought 1 cup containers so I can portion out my combination yogurt, cottage cheese, and plum sauce. Today I will fill 2 cup containers with apple slices, Greek salad veggies, etc. It will be nice to just take out a ready to go meal.

I have to add to my trigger foods - sourdough and french bread, desserts, and candies. 4 years ago I stopped eating any kind of chips or crackers, don't eat in movie theatres or Costco samples. I went cold turkey, but haven't added to that because of fear (?) of failure. Adding this food before Christmas 2019 is the right time, but it will be hard!

My puppy started sleeping through the night and wakes at 6 AM. I am going to bed earlier and try to be asleep by 10 PM. Rebel is cheerful and active and doing very well with her potty training. I am getting more exercise bending over many times a day to lift her up and put her down, opening and closing baby gates. Every half hour I carry her to the end of the street and she trots home. As she gets older she will walk both ways, but it's a good start. Royce and Rebel are wonderful playmates, they tussle and chase each other. Royce is very gentle with the puppy, no yelps now.

Saturday night we are having a Halloween party. I finished finding the pieces of my Cyndi Lauper costumes, it's a matter of putting it all together. I am not good with makeup but will do my best to fake it. I need to practice some Karaoke so I can sing a few of her songs. Hubby is going as Rod Stewart and hasn't cut his hair for 3 months, so his barber will options when he styles his hair Saturday, then he's getting his haircut on Monday.
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