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What's the opposite of BEAST MODE?!

Monday, November 18, 2019

For a while I have felt like I was not doing a "good enough job" at this weight loss thing if I wasn't in what some people refer to as beast mode. And for a while I was really good at pushing myself and getting super serious about the nutrition tracking and the workouts. But somewhere along the way I lost sight of the big picture. I became so obsessed with every calorie and carb and felt intense guilt when I know I made a poor choice. I realized it was becoming too much when one day I didn't eat anything for 24 hours. Part of it was because I didn't have much of an appetite but the truth is I also thought if I could restrict it enough, then it would cancel out the bad choice I made the previous day. THAT IS SO UNHEALTHY!!!

This past week I took a break from counting every calorie and I eased up a little on the carbs. I have been doing this long enough I have a good general idea of what it all adds up to and how it makes me feel and what results I'll get. I still did some workouts but I enjoyed a slower pace on the treadmill. This week I took time to heal my thinking!!!

I am all or nothing and that thinking usually doesn't equal success. Sure we can go all beast mode and give it our all but nobody can keep that going. The big picture is we have to find what will work for us. We absolutely can't live our lives with peace if we always think we need to do more or lose more to be happy.

So I know there is a time and place for beast mode and it works for some people. I am finding that for me I like occasional bursts of that super intense and focused effort but mostly I'm just wanting to find a good balance. I don't want to beat myself up if I eat a piece of cake at the church potluck and I don't want to feel so stressed about losing so many pounds by whatever date. I just want to take some time and enjoy this journey. Enjoy my changing body, my growth in mind, body and spirit. I need to continue building a healthier relationship with food, focusing on all the healthy food and preparations I can add. I want to continue rewarding my body with exercise. I want to appreciate the scale as a tool and use it to hold me accountable but never again let that number decide what kind of mood I'll be in. We are so much more than that number!!!

Cheers to moving forward together!! emoticon

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    This resinates with me so much! Thank you for sharing. Perspective is everything. *huge hugs*
    419 days ago
    You make a good point--I know after retirement, Beast mode no longer works. (I did it often though years ago) But It can lead to burnout---and I do believe consistency w/ quality works best. Also BEDA65 had some good things to say.
    455 days ago
    I completely get where you're coming from in this blog. I go through bouts of beast mode and then just burn out. Finding balance is so important.
    466 days ago
    Very well said. I get your point. All or nothing thinking does not work in our best interest.
    Our journey changes over time. The journey may be more important than the destination.
    It sounds like you are on a good track.
    467 days ago
  • NANCY-
    Love the pic. Sounds like you are building a sustainable healthy lifestyle.
    469 days ago
    Loved your comment “to take time to heal my thinking.” That is a wonderful step in your journey success.

    Yes, when we eat something completely off plan the old fear of a slippery slope comes out loud and strong. It’s best to put it behind yourself immediately, but fear has a way of making that difficult. Every choice is a new beginning. Make the next choice as quickly as you can with a glass of water. Beth has great blogs on slips and binges.

    I think that why I like Beth’s “take 3 delicious bites.” Even though I opted for the cake, I was still in control of the quantity. That helps me deal with my fear.
    469 days ago
  • BEDA65
    Fantastic Blog! You are so right. We each have to move at our own pace. Not judge ourselves by what others do. Avoid negative self talk and getting ourselves down. I hate that you feel guilty when you feel you have made a bad choice. Maybe stop thinking they are bad choices and just think there are better choices you could have made. And I totally agree with the feeling that we can overwhelm ourselves tracking, etc.

    If it makes you feel any better I had Fazzoli's(Italian) for dinner Saturday evening, specifically chicken fettucine and chicken/bacon ceasar salad. Heck, I'm going on 4 weeks of my PLM and I had had very little to eat Saturday, was visiting my friend in the hospital most of the afternoon after I left vet, so I treated myself, is the way I looked at it. I was on course to have lost 1/2 lb this week, but this morning when I get on scale, I have maintained and I'm ok with that. I'm glad you are learning to be ok with your choices.
    Spark On!
    470 days ago
    There is a place for fasting though. The early Jews would fast on Wednesday and Friday on bread and water. It's not always a bad thing, once you don't carry it too far and endanger yourself.
    470 days ago
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