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Excited by the excitement of others

Tuesday, December 03, 2019

That's kind of the way Motivation works, isn't it?

Someone else does something, or talks about doing something, it captures your imagination, and suddenly you are egging one another on!

Sometimes that's a NOT so good something: "I made a pig of myself at Farrell's" (ice cream shop in Denver). Sometimes it's a healthy something: like when HOT4FITNESS challenged me to my first half marathon... walked!

Sometimes it's because someone else successfully took off some pounds, as when MOBYCARP asked me how one goes about it, several years back.

Advertisers know we are influenced by seeing others "happy", enjoying whatever product they are pushing. Sometimes those ads we see for not so healthy things give us visions that we can be healthy and still enjoy them. We have learned to be wary of advertising promises.

So this morning, I'm reading my sister's blog, "Stoking the motivational fires":


And it put me into research mode... I had to find that link she referenced to "somewhere on social media" and look up the nature of this challenge. Found it!

And now I'm considering official registration. Yep, excited by the excitement of others... this one is off-beat enough and local enough and non-competitive enough... a lovely way to exercise 2020 Vision?

That, by the way, is my theme for next year: "2020 Vision". Satisfies my quirky inner geek.

Now, fellow sparkers, I challenge YOU to find your OWN 2020 Vision... what tickles YOUR fancy for a 2020 active goal? For a 2020 nutritional plan? Are you thinking this holiday season is "no holds barred" leading up to that? (I promise a blog about my own Holiday plans for nutrition in the era of "intuitive eating" later).

Let's get out and seize our Tuesday, December 3, 2019... let's make the best decisions we can today, right where we are, to support our own well-being: physical, mental, and spiritual. After all, it's the only one we'll ever get. Let's open this gift! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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