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Peace Day Nine Share

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Throughout this week, I’ll be sharing some of the most incredible artwork made by India Tresselt, a fiber artist from the Champlain Valley in northwestern Vermont. This year, she participated in Kate Bridger’s Made on Monday and titled her work, 52 Small Meditations on Peace. www.yarndancevt.c
Be prepared to be inspired, her work captures the essence of peace. Thank you India for allowing me to share.

Ode to an orange

An oh so sweet little bundle,

packaged in its own material not of synthetic origin,

slow to open, I sit holding the tiny sphere gently in my palm,

first picking,

then peeling,

bit by bit until the inner portion is revealed.

A release of oils sprays into our space,

freshening the stale air,

tiny veins coat the flesh,

miniature highways delivering life-sustaining nutrients to the most secluded portion of its being.

Segment by segment,

each a part that makes a whole,

perfectly imperfect,

not one without the other.

If one slice was missing,

it just wouldn’t be…

A child seeks the best one…

Slowly picking,

peeking inside to reveal the mystery.

Setting them back in the bowl,

one by one hiding the tiny wound inflicted by the curious being.

Stealing away with the obvious winner.

Sweet, fresh flavor

Days of past linger in the moment of savoring each sliver





Peeled, all in one,

she holds the empty house,

gently in her palm.

The aroma lingers.

Cherishing the beauty, the simplicity…

Honoring what once was,

stillness in the moment,

hopeful of what might be.

Daily peace tip #9

Food is a powerful way to connect with others, whether they be strangers, friends, family, etc. Today, share some food with others. Consider inviting a friend to coffee, bring a bag of “Cuties” (aka clementines, mandarin oranges) to the office and leave for your fellow co-workers, make a food donation to your local food pantry or the animal shelter. So many ways to share.

During this holiday season, parties abound, why not bring a bag of oranges and see what happens when everyone starts opening these beautiful packages. Part of this poem was inspired by just that…

Any other ideas on how to share food…please feel free to, well, um, share :)

peace and good food for all,
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