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Wednesday, January 01, 2020

My SMART Goals for BLC42 - -

Specific – To lose 5 lbs; Exercise 5x per week for at least 20 minutes

Measurable – Weekly weigh-in on Wednesdays; Track ALL meals/snacks in the SP Nutrition Tracker/NetDiary App; Track ALL exercise in the SP Fitness Tracker

Achievable – 1/2 to 1 lb, lost per week. Can do if stick to IF (Intermittent Fasting) and meal plan each week. Adding trying a Whole Foods, Plant-based way of eating to this

Relevant – I chose this weight loss goal, because in the past I have set higher weight amounts to lose and that has not worked for me; I am my own worst enemy at times...

Time-bound – The 12-Weeks of the BLC42 Challenge

My WHY's for getting healthier and losing weight:

1. to be physically fit/active and independent as I age
2. to have more energy and be able to travel
3. to set an example for my family

NUTRITION STREAK - I joined the Streak for BLC42; I chose Option #2 which is - Track ALL meals/snacks per day for AT LEAST 5 days per week MINIMUM

FITNESS STREAK - I joined the Streak for BLC42; Exercise AT LEAST 5 days per week for AT LEAST 20 minutes MINIMUM each day

*some of this info was posted in my BLC41 blog; but is still relevant to this next round of the BLC.

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