Saturday, January 11, 2020

So hubby called the plumber on Thursday hoping for the best that we could get an appointment by next week. But fate stepped in and our guy came out the same day to see what the problem was with our leaking shower..(about a gallon of water a day in a slow drip, drip was driving us nuts). Something about a cartridge why hubby couldn't just fix it himself. I stay intentionally ignorant on those things because before I know it I'd be the one fixing stuff. I draw the line.

He told us he had to go get the part in town since here locally they would have to order it and it would take weeks, he'd be back the next day. He did come back the next day....

we called the city to come shut the water off, they are like pissed off bunnies when you do it yourself, so we learned our lesson and called. Good thing we did, because when the power company put in the new bigger and taller poles (within 2 feet of the water meter) about 2 month ago, they shoved the meter somehow, not known to anyone. So the City needed a bigger key and lots of extra muscle to shut the water off. Secondly, that decided it for them right there to replace the water meter and get a new valve in there as well... and they would be doing it right away. So good thing the water was being turned off. First the plumber right away, now the city... something was lined up right.

Here it was Friday afternoon and everything was fixed. It was 70 degrees, windy with a little (10%) rain in the forecast with a temperature drop overnight. What we woke up to was 2 inches of snow. My first snow in over a year! But the best part is that the roads are clear since they were to warm to take the snow. I can still go to see my Birthday Girl!
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