73 days

Sunday, March 01, 2020

It was so warm temperature-wise yesterday, at least according to the thermometer we have mounted outside. It should have been great - 81 degrees, but when you stepped outside you got nearly bowled over by the wind, and that was not pleasant at all. Hubby was accessing the garden, see what needs to be done first and I had him move some plant pots so I can put those plants back in the ground in the front yard. Winter clearly seems to have had it around here, so I think we are safe in getting the yard cleaned.

The first step is to clear all the leaves to see what is what under there. My next priority is my herb garden, see what survived. I rake the leaves or use the blower to get them where I want them. The collected leaves than go out in the ally along the side of the garage where I use them as weed control. They can break down on their own and as they are all oak it will take them all year. Cuts back on the need to mow. So, fun times in store.
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