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Tuesday, March 03, 2020

It looks so dark and dreary outside. The sky is coming down - literally, the clouds are so low and full of rain. .. and its raining. It's a quiet rain this morning, I almost missed it. I looked up and the skylights are wet. I went to the back porch to check and sure enough, it's raining.

I slept 8 hours last night with the window open. Since we got the new window I have opened it more this year already than the entire last year together. I believe in letting fresh air into the room and airing out rooms. I sleep better and stay asleep longer for it.

Hubby has an appointment today at 1 pm. That always breaks the day, can't start anything really because you have to put it aside to get to your appt. and after you never know how you feel. We have planned a trip to the mall after. Not to visit the mall really but because that's where the store is hubby ordered new ink for our printer. So we go and pick it up. I think while he does that I'll pop into Bath and Beyond and get some more soaps. We are washing hands so much more since hubby's recent bout with the porcelain goddess.

I am making more soap this week as well. I am waiting on the new molds to come in and some more shea butter base. My soap testers are all crazy over the soap I gave them, so I think it's ok to say it was a success. I got Market in 2 weeks and want to have some samples ready for then. I have actually two markets this month, the 14 and the 21st. But on the market here locally on the 14th, I don't take my soap because a friend is selling soap already. But I make soap saver bags and washcloths that I can sell there.

So it looks like its gonna rain all day and we got a dr appt. and a trip to the mall.
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