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Saturday, March 14, 2020

Well, everything has caught up with our small town and the area in general. The stores yesterday where a mess, while people are still able to buy toilet paper in mass here, (God knows what for) the school has canceled three days for now and delayed the return from spring break for the kiddos. We got our grand-daughter next week for as long as it will take the school to open back up. The market I was going to, so small and usually never more than 30 people at one time in the same room, has also been canceled. I understand the measure and really in my heart know it is for the best, especially since we are using the dirtiest commodity in the world... money. They say germs can live on money for up to 10 days. Wow! Gives the term money laundering a whole new meaning- oh so kidding!

Now we get three days (for now) with our energy vampire and it is forecasted to rain all next week. Puzzles and games here we come...!

All kidding aside... I am disappointed about the market. I know it is necessary but I can't' help how I feel. My whole body went into this mood slump and I feel that if I try to explain it I might understand it myself. I worked very hard for weeks to get ready for it. I knit my heart out, spent money on supplies and even got me a few items to make it better for me as a seller. I bought myself a new chair for my booth, a coffee carafe so I could bring my life elixir and also bought a small table to set up things I need behind the scenes, like shopping bags to pack the items I sell in. So I invested time, money and resources. I was all packed up to go when I got the phone call it was canceled. In my heart and my head, I know it is the right thing and a small part of me expected it, but I am still very disappointed. I think that is the part where so many folks are having problems with. It interferes with our lives and we are so set in our ways that change is difficult even for a short time. BUT it is necessary, so we are told to suck it up, wait it out and get on with it.

It still makes me sad.
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