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The fire and its aftermath

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Two days ago we had a fire at my dad’s house. It started as a chimney fire but it got too good of a start before we noticed it to be able to put it out with the four fire extinguishers dad used on it. So we had to call 911 for the fire department to come out. We ended up with fire fighters from four fire companies here. As you can see we had so many fire fighters here that some of them were able to just stand around. It took an hour to get everything done and out and another half hour before we were allowed inside the house. Of course everything was covered in fire extinguisher dust and smoke residue, but there was very minimal water damage. Once the house was ventilated we started cleaning... every-freaking-thing. Starting with dad’s computer area and piano, and moving out from there to the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, and the rest of the living room. For the past two days my brother, Jeremy, and his daughter, Tigan, having been working hard from breakfast to dark rebuilding that corner of the living room, and finally rebuilding the chimney pipe. My job in all of this was mainly cleaning and dog wrangling, so that the dogs didn’t bother them while Jeremy and Tigan were so busy. I have spent a fair amount of time walking the dogs, even though it has been really cold and yesterday it snowed. Of course, dad heats primarily with the wood stove, so the house has been positively arctic for the past two days with no functioning wood stove. Today the repairs to the house and chimney are tentatively finished. And we have a fire started, just barely. I think panic counts as cardio with such a drastic increase in heart rate! And all the deep cleaning I am counting too. (and shivering burns calories!) we should be just about back to what passes for normal these days by tomorrow. Wherever you are in the world I hope you have a marvelous day
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