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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

I live in New York State, the state with the most positive cases in the US. There are have been two confirmed cases of the COVID-19 virus in our sleepy little village already. Those two people may have transmitted the virus to more people unwittingly. Prior to this point the county health Department was saying no confirmed cases in the county, what they were adding as an afterthought was that there was no testing being done in the county. Uh what? So the virus has probably been here before this, but no one was tested... so no confirmed cases. This worries me. My dad will probably insist on going out to do his own grocery shopping tomorrow. That worries me. My dad and I belong to what they are calling the vulnerable population, due to age or underlying conditions. I don’t want to get sick, because the chance I could die are higher than those who are basically healthier to start with. And I don’t want my dad to get sick either. Social distancing is so important. Please take this seriously! I know many of you are and I applaud your efforts. On the food and exercise level I am doing okay. Most days it is difficult to eat enough, as the stress is stealing my appetite. But I am getting in exercise. Not intense cardio, but sustained intentional movement anyways. A number of authors I follow are giving away the ebook copies of at least a couple of their books, or have put them on drastically reduced pricing. This makes me happy, and I have been loading up my kindle. At least I won’t run out of books to read!
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    I have been appalled listening to your President's ignorant comments and lack of compassion for what New York is going through. I think everyone is quickly being trapped in the same boat. We DO need more awareness although perhaps now everyone is, at some level. Just stay home. Despite all the precautions I got sick. Mild. Probably from my husband but... Now have to wait and see if DH gets sick (unless he was a carrier who had no symptoms) and still try to keep if from DD. It is complicated. Stressful. I am glad to hear you are doing positive things. Maintaining looking after yourself. It will end someday and hopefully something good in hind sight will have come out of it. Let your Dad look after you too! Hugs, Justyna
    103 days ago
    Thinking of you and your dad - my husband in that vulnerable group but are keeping our distance from everyone. Stay safe.
    107 days ago
    In New Mexico, we’re on “stay @ home” orders. We’re allowed to get exercise (walk the dogs) once a day, but with social distancing. They recommend shopping once a week (hopefully, the shelves will be replenished. I have no symptoms, but apparently some people are showing positive tests w/o symptoms. Yikes! Stay safe
    108 days ago
    I have seen some of the Mayors from various cities in the US, and including New York City and some of the Governors from various states complaining of lack of equipment and not being given testing equipment and being to to work it out themselves. It is shambolic to say the least. In fact, I would say it is downright criminal.

    Keep safe, and I hope that your Dad also adheres to safe practices .... i.e. - keeping himself AWAY from danger! Can you register for someone to do your shopping for you and leave it at your door? In my area in NZ there is a FaceBook group set up for doing exactly that. Plus plenty of people have offered on FB anyway.

    Take care,
    109 days ago
    Oh my Dear I hear you fully and agree. I am locked down fully in my home. Onweek 2.
    Ordering whatever I can. Not complaining either from California. Thanking all who deliver our groceries too-from 6 feet away. Doors closed, but waving.
    We will get through this as long as we respect the medical advice. Because we love our family, friends, neighbors and those who care for us all around!
    110 days ago
    (((HUGS))) I HOPE your Dad nor you go out. Could your niece go to the store if needed? My prayers for you all.
    110 days ago
    I'm over here in New Jersey with similar issues with my husband....and I'm 65+.
    I take advantage of the "senior shopping" hours and have had good interactions in the stores.
    Target is open on Wed at 8 for seniors which was an option for me when my local Stop and Shop had been plundered. I make sure I'm there well before opening to be one of the first few in.
    I keep a ziploc bag with antiseptic wipes in my pocket and only take in a credit card and my keys. I shop with a wipe in my hand.
    Make a list of needs and alternates if they aren't available, stick to it, get what you can and get out. No "browsing".
    Clean off things like car door handles, steering wheel with the wipes and head on home.
    Everyone I saw was either very polite or standoff-ish.
    It was OK!
    110 days ago
    It sounds like you're taking really good care of yourself. I know you're taking good care of the doggies! :-) I hope you all are able to change your dad's mind about going into a store or somewhere with too many people. So, I'll send lots of positive energy out, for people to want to stay home, and be courteous to each other, and be healthy! emoticon
    110 days ago
    Be safe, we will all get through this. Find ways to calm your mind, the worry will not help emoticon
    110 days ago
    Yes. We're aware. Initiated our own shelter in place weeks before our county (and then state) authorities mandated one. I could see the writing on the wall and was well aware of the struggles behind the scenes. Reported cases vastly under represent actual infections due to inadequate testing.
    110 days ago
    You are a worjer abd leader! THANKS
    110 days ago
    Stay safe and follow the recommendations from the medical community!
    111 days ago
    111 days ago
    Prayers for you and your Dad.Yes, be careful.
    111 days ago
    Can't be too careful! Stay safe!
    111 days ago
    Be safe :-) Vaseline or Neosporin in your nose can give you a little extra safety if you have to go out. (Then blow your nose when you get home to get out any gunk that may have been trapped in it)
    111 days ago
    111 days ago
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