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Wow...7 days since my last blog...I can't use the excuse I have no time :-((

Friday, March 27, 2020

emoticon Hello my beautiful sparkling friends!

How are you doing in this crazy new world?

I'm coping...but I'm not particularly happy with this new lifestyle.

I must say leaving a recently bereaved on their own in isolation is not the best way to cope with psychological mindsets.

Sooooo...what have I been doing to keep myself sane?

I have been working on my Corona masks and hope they will help our local community. It's been quite the challenge just instituting this tiny little cottage industry.

You would think I couldn't get in much trouble confined within the comforts of my own home but you'd be wrong on that assumption.

First the big screen TV died! May Day...May Day...how is one to survive without a television during these stressful times?

It started acting funky a few days before turning itself off after it was turned on. The first day I was able to turn it on at the TV without the remote and it stayed on. Then the next day...not so lucky.

I started googling and YouTubing and found that it was probably a pretty major problem. I think the TV is about 7years old and they have a lifespan of about 10...so a repair would be costly and probably not the best use of money anyhow.

Luckily Best Buy had a spectacular sale so I was able to get a BIGGER set and have it loaded right into my vehicle by ordering it online. YAY!

But NOW how to get the monster TV down from the big antique French buffet we had it on...AND the new bigger TV into the house, unboxed, and UP on the French buffet.

Not a job one fairly strong but not THAT strong spunky little lady was capable of.

What to do...what to do? I called my wonderful neighbors and they immediately offered their help and helped me unbox and hoist it up.

THEN...the challenge of programming it...oh my...that was always Don's expertise and he had SO many components hooked up to the old one. I think I have most of it together except I can't figure out how to rehook up the apple box or the soundbar and I can't figure out how to get the power on and off switched back over to my Xfinity remote...but oh well...I do have a picture and I can still see my beloved Prime and Netflix movies...so I feel very accomplished! emoticon

So after the TV died our big Sequoia truck (we call her Taz for Tasmanian Devil...she's JUST that big) the battery died. What the? I just purchased a new battery from AAA maybe 2-3 months ago...it should not be dead so quickly. I called the AAA guy and he speed charged it but told me if the vehicle isn't driven at LEAST 2-3 times a week for 20 minutes on the highway..it would not hold a charge. He told me to get a charger so that I could charge it up on my own...WAIT a minute...I HAVE a charger...now just to find it in our cluttered garage.

I did...we plugged it in and I learned so much about batteries!

This is not only a time of self-isolation for me...it's a time of learning self-sufficiency too.

After putting out those two fires...I lugged my sewing machine downstairs because the upstairs A/C is STILL out and I don't when I'll be able to afford the considerable money it will take to replace it. When I went up there it was 88 degrees...yes this is Florida my friends.

That worries me because I know that kind of heat makes the downstairs unit which is CONSTANTLY on the fritz work harder. If I don't get it fixed I'll have TWO dead air conditioners at the same time. Not a pretty scenerio...not pretty at all.

But....I digress. I brought the sewing machine down plugged it in the light came on...I pushed the foot pedal...and the crazy thing started sizzling and smoking...it shorted OUT.

Oh my gosh...what ELSE? emoticon this was my very expensive and coveted Viking sewing machine.

No way am I replacing that! I got a cheapie one from Joann's Fabric and might not have spent the money on that...but I have all of these masks cut out...went on an EXTENSIVE hunt for elastic and fabric...so the show WILL go on! emoticon It's for a good cause. I'm donating to Hope Hospice since they were truly Don's angels when he needed them so much. I will also donate to the Fire Department since Don was a firefighter for many years. They can get the masks to people in our community most in need. I will also drop them off to the soup kitchens that send volunteers out to serve our underserved in the community.

Disasters are horrible but I have found that the indomitable human spirit always rises up for the best to help each other during the most harrowing of times.

Check out my cute fabric. I'll be showing the finished product pretty quickly.

I love the happy colors and print! God bless our front line heroes risking their own lives to save humanity!! emoticon

In the meantime, I've been cooking, cooking, cooking!

Lots of soups, sloppy Joes, Meatloaf...this food also goes to the soup kitchens who so sorely need the support during these times of extreme stress for our less fortunate in the community.

This virus brings home a pretty life learning lesson! It doesn't care what party affiliation you belong to, it doesn't care how much money you have in the bank or if your stocks are dropping by the moment. It doesn't care how fancy your house is or the car you drive. I must say in many ways it is the great equalizer and I think our entire civilization should take note of that.

Be kind, do your part, protect yourself and those around you by self-isolating. The money we are all losing is painful...but none of that will matter if we have no humans left to worry about it will it.

Yikes...me thinks...I have TOO much time to think! emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I had stopped reading your blogs some time ago, because of issues in my own life. Then after seven years of dealing with cancer, my beautiful son died last month. Now I have more time to read blogs...I wish I didn't. But I had to tell you how impressed I am with your efforts to help others. Making masks and giving them away is a wonderful thing to do. And doing things for others is good for us. Blessings to you!
    131 days ago
    You are such a giving person! I am so sorry to hear about all of the things that keep breaking. Hopefully, your Viking sewing machine can be fixed. And of course, your A/C. I love the material that you have. Prayers for you during this time.
    156 days ago
    You sure have had more than your share of bad experiences. But your can do it attitude is incredible in getting things done and seeing the bright side. You do cheer me up! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    161 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    What's cookin', Good Lookin'? emoticon
    175 days ago
    oh my goodness ..
    in fact Holy He$$ is more like it .. from one thing to another ..
    I know just being at home .. alone has its challenges ..
    getting to the gallery was good for you .. even though I'm sure it didnt feel good ..
    none of this feels good ..
    I would be so horribly disappointed in the human race if this virus was in fact created .. created in the name of greed and power ..
    I pray .. I pray .. I pray ..
    I smile and I smile and I smile some more .. I'm so thankful I can still go to work .. i stop get the mail .. its a ghost city .. i am fully prepared for the door handles the mail box .. etc .. I am protected .. I place the mail in a plastic bag .. spray in the Lysol then tie it up for an hour before opening at the office .. I wipe and disinfect every switch and knob .. keep the office door locked to the public as well as the shop door .. I work until noon .. my son and husband are there off and on .. there is no way we are spending ten cents in this environment .. so they don't have a lot to do .. but the paper as you know never ends ..
    I'm usually home by 1PM .. I haven't been inside of a store .. any store since the 15th of March .. i email my grocery order and they deliver ... ( booze too .. God help me I need a glass of wine everyday ) ..
    what to sam .. the tv .. the truck .. the air conditioner .. can't work .. then the sewing machine gives you a smoke show ..
    and you my friend are still smiling and doing what you can to help others ..
    I applaud you .. I have tonnes of material .. in fact it is cut in squares with batting in-between .. to make a quilt .. I know I could contribute if I had elastic .. I'll try again on line tonight ..

    your blog said it all .. this bug doesnt care .. it is totally out of control ..
    I pray big time that God and those that reside with Him can remove it ..
    keep praying .. keep smiling .. and keep being the amazing soul that you are ..
    love ya my friend .. totally

    when this is history .. you can bet your sweet cheeks I'll be visiting you and Carol .. that is a threat .. !!
    huge germ free hugs .. I'm thankful you and Mac are doing the best you can .. xoxox ..

    I agree .. the AAA fella is yanking your chain .. if the battery was good it would hold a charge for a very long time .. my little car sits for months on end without going any where .. no issues .. so tell that fella .. you want a new battery .. dont take any crap from him .. what he sold you is faulty .. period ..

    175 days ago
    do not believe for one iota what the battery man told you, my husbands truck sits all summer except when we pull the camper, my car sits all winter until May both of them have always started up i believe what Verna told you
    176 days ago
    I think your battery guy is pulling your leg my friend BUT for sure something is draining your battery. I had trouble with my car going dead too and finally the service guys at the dealership got it fixed, after I told them it was the hatch door that sometimes acted up. No trouble since and my car sits for days on end. Maybe I should shut up cause I haven't driven it since going into isolation 2 or more weeks ago. Maybe it won't start when I next go to use it. LOL With your sewing machine, do you think the wires shorted out in your foot peddle thingy?? That should be an easy fix. Wish I lived close to you so I could take a look at it.

    I was sure thinking of you when all those college kids hit the beaches saying they weren't afraid of Covid. Great scott kids where are your brains. Smart in books, dumb in life.

    You are such a trooper, closing up shop which in my opinion was a very smart idea and moving on with other things shows you are one strong, determined woman who is making the best of what life hands her. Love love love your spunk. Continue being strong my sparky friend.
    178 days ago
    Thinking of you....good luck with the masks.... emoticon
    179 days ago
    You truly are a fighter. Keep on soldiering on.
    Be safe, stay well.
    181 days ago
    Bobbi Anne! You are such a trooper! I can't believe that after all that trouble with electrical equipment, your spirits are still so high and you are doing your absolute best to help others! I'm so moved by your generosity--sewing masks, cooking for soup kitchens. In the midst of grieving your loss of Don, you're reaching out to others, and I humbly salute you.

    Wow--those are going to be some cute face masks! That'll cheer up the people who wear them. If you were over here in Japan, you could sell those at a very good price, even in normal times. I would buy one, too! But at this moment, we have to let those most in need come first. Good work! Please show us the finished product.
    181 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/28/2020 11:23:49 PM
    you can probably get the sewing machine repaired. have fun making the masks
    181 days ago
    I’m making masks too. Feels good to be doing something productive. Hang in there; we’re all in this together.
    182 days ago
    The world has definitely changed and we must adapt and
    stay safe. Now we have time to do for others and not just for
    ourselves. I am sure the masks will look great and will be
    182 days ago
  • LINDA!
    I am very sorry that you have had a rash of misfortunes. I am happy that you were able to replace some things. Thank you for being such a lovely person - making masks for first responders and food for the soup kitchen. By the way, the fabric is beautiful.
    182 days ago
    You got some cute fabrics, they will go over big. God bless you Bobbi, stay well
    182 days ago
    I love your masks, such a great project. It is very tough living alone and being isolated during these times. But anything we can do to stop the spread of this pandemic…
    I am glad you made progress in getting your basic equipment working such as the TV and truck. And that your neighbors were willing to help you carry the new TV.
    Stay healthy, Bobbi!
    182 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    That battery has to be a lemon! I had my car sitting with an OLDER battery for months, it cranked right up..
    You can drive around the neighborhood once a week for few minutes to keep it charged, but that is a bad battery.
    Luciano has a bumper-to-bumper for 7 years, including the battery, Vito has a five year old auto zone battery and he has gone for a couple months resting in the driveway with no proble3ms. He has major cold-cranking amps too!
    Last weekend was chili for the freezer, this weekend is chicken noodle soup.
    Trash guys need the masks too; just think of the ick that they breathe in when those bags pop open when squeezed in the compactor!
    182 days ago
    I love the llama fabric, so cute! Hang in there Bobbi! One day at a time is all we can do these days. This morning I took Daisy outside and heard the worst yelling I've ever heard in my neighborhood. People are going stir crazy, for sure! Can't wait to see the masks once they are finished!
    182 days ago
    no materials . it’s a great project. Let’s hope we can flatten the curve- I worry about New York. Canada is basically on lockdown.
    182 days ago
    So many things going wrong at the same yime, it makes you think. My year has been a series of hurdles but it took Quarantine to get me to really analyze what we are facing. The mask ptoject is wonerful. I have a mini machine tucked away.., but no mat
    182 days ago
    Hey Bobbi! After we had the fire last week my brother asked if we could turn down the world’s Kosmic Krazy Knob just a little... I have to agree with him on that! You are being one of “the helpers” that Mr Rogers talked about. They ARE out there...
    182 days ago
  • LYNCHD05
    Bobbi you have had enough house tragedies lately. I hope it is the end for awhile. Good job on the masks too. Your community is lucky to have you.
    I have been trying to find some disposable latex gloves for shopping and errands but there are none to be found. Forget about masks for the public.

    So we do what we have to do.

    There is no social interaction at all here. Nothing is open except grocery stores, pharmacies and liquor stores. You wonder why liquor.....our grocery stores and gas stations are not allowed to sell liquor.
    You would not be able to ask a neighbour for help here as we are all isolated.

    Stay safe my friend!

    182 days ago
    Sound like you have had your shares of mishaps.
    About time things turn around for you. Why it is when one things goes kaput several more follow suit So far we have stayed mishap free. I am staying in, but of course Larry, the social butterfly, is not. Still goes to the convenient store for his coffee, but he doesn't stay long, and has made a couple trips to the lumber yard to get the trim boards for the new shower, and down to his brothers a couple times. He did take me to the grocery store the other morning at 7 am, the time the "over 60, and the High Risk" and beings I am both were allowed in. But several things on my list were no where to be found. My thing now is making alternative TP. Remember the cloth diapers regiment, yep, back as I never dreamed that TP would be a highly sought after commodity. So saving what I have for dear hubby as he is not into this sort of thing. But I rather like the feel of soft flannel on my tosh. lol I also have made a couple of masks for personal use, and did find a Dr mask that was still in the package in the shop, so will use it also.

    Well, I hope all the mishaps are over for you, and do take care. emoticon to you. Linda
    182 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    182 days ago
    The material for the masks looks so cute! Great idea! Stay safe!
    182 days ago
    Oh, I LOVE your cute masks! Glad you got your TV entertainment back. Good lesson learned to ask for help. People are usually happy to help out. So now you know batteries have to be used... if only for a short time, to keep them charged. Living in a cold climate for much of the year, I keep my not-often-used car on a “drip” charge so that it never goes kaput. It’s a small unit, a $32 Die hard.
    182 days ago
    stay safe and well and good job with the masks Hugs
    182 days ago
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