Friday, March 27, 2020

So many changes this week... where to start. So we got the first case in the next county over and for us the major shopping area. Hubby and I been at the hospital yesterday for some standard test his new cardiologist ordered. The staff told us that with today the regular tests and such would stop. Hubby was one of their last patients for the next while. At the time we did not know someone tested positive. Makes no difference, the person went to the other hospital. I am really sorry we joined the ranks and whish this person speedy recovery and most of all pray not too many more people will be infected. I am really not sure how to feel, determined not to get it, scared for those who do, relieved our gd got a spot in the daycare program and won't be coming here. That is the most horrible thing of all, but she was the one who could be bringing it to us and hubby has too many health issues not to be concerned.

I wasn't kidding about social isolation, we been by ourselves within an island of people for years. Hubby is a bit antisocial, which now comes in handy. I have been always the one going out and doing things, but not too many come to us, so it is easy to isolate; we are really ok and used to it. Our hobbies also include things one does by themselves more than anything that you need a group of people for. Crafting, gardening, reading, and we dusted off our pile of puzzles. Plus now we have a reason to be anti-social. So, that works for us. emoticon lol

One thing to add to the list... we are napping... a lot! I take an hour nap in the afternoon while hubby does his stuff on the computer... then we switch and I get 2 - 3 hours by myself while he naps. In the evening we do things together. In the morning we got our garden to tend to now, lots of work there this time of year.

Well, stay safe everyone, be smart and stay isolated. There is always something to do other than going shopping and visiting. Do you visiting online, on skype on social media... emoticon and most of all wash, wash and wash your hands!!
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