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I'm still here...just sewing, sewing, SEWING Corona Masks

Friday, April 10, 2020

This has been my labor of love lately. I used to love to sew so when this horrible pandemic descended I knew masks would be necessary.

It's the craziest thing but when I left my little part-time job at a Tropical furniture store of 6 years the owner gave me a TON of fabric samples that she had in the store. It was the coolest store, all tropical furniture that was very reasonably priced and you could select your own fabric for any upholstery. So I've been holding onto these samples for a long time wondering what they could be used for. They weren't terribly large so it was a challenge to think about how they could be utilized.

Ta DA...pandemic! Sad this had to happen to all of us...but thrilled I finally have a huge supply of fabric to use.

Of course, I ordered some 100% cotton also with adorable prints...if you have to wear a mask...you might as well be cute and stylish at the same time...right?

I'm just so happy to have something to do that keeps me occupied that actually is needed and necessary. I think we will be wearing masks for a good long time. They are now telling us this pandemic may not clear for 18 months...HUH?

I closed my consignment gallery 3/13 and I'm worried if I will ever come back from this. I honestly think that retail businesses are 'cooked'. As more and more people become reliant on online shopping there is really no other way this can go. I have applied for some small business help from the SBA...but I'll believe it when I see it.

During Hurricane Irma here in FL they put small businesses through SO MANY hurdles...I basically just gave up on receiving any help. I stood in line for HOURS to meet with a counselor and the paperwork challenges were immense. I finally just said the heck with it and I truly feel that a lot of so-called help from the government is more lip service than action. Sounds good...money in your pocket is something I'm still hoping to see for all of us who have been so horribly impacted.

I've managed to have drama...even in the safety of my own home. The neighbor lady has decided she now wants to BFFs.

She had quite an extended conversation with my Ring doorbell! emoticon

Holding a bottle of wine and saying she knew we lived next door for a reason and it is to BFFS...yikes...she and her husband and her two grown kids have lived next door since about 2005. Don and I have never been buddy, buddy with our neighbors because we were bombarded with people all day long in our jobs so our time home with each other was pretty sacred.

I did relent and have Susie come to the back lanai and had a glass of wine with her but her conversation was so distorted and disjointed I had a hard time following her. I'm sure she was pretty crocked, to begin with. She wanted another glass of wine and I poured her one and declined a second for myself.

I pretty much walked her to the front door and told her this was a very sad and bizarre time for me missing Don so much and cut off from my grief group for support. I told her this was something I really needed to work through myself and I needed the 'alone' time. Knowing the whole time that she would probably never remember a word I said.

Correct on that...she was back two nights later...yacking away to the ring doorbell this time with a beer. Saying we needed to be BFFS and we needed to be together...nope...this time I didn't answer the door. She left..then came right back to continue her conversation with herself...then left and came back again..this time saying some really disparaging things that frankly insulted me to the ninth degree.

I will be ignoring any additional visits and if she doesn't stop sadly I'll just have to say I have no interest in pursuing a friendship with her. I have NO coping skills right now and I certainly can't cope with CRAZY! It's so sad that she has thrown her life away in a bottle. I really don't think I've ever seen her when she isn't guzzling beer or wine. Just sad...but not my circus...not my monkies.

This pandemic is putting everyone on edge and those that have mental challenges, to begin with, are over the edge as witnessed by this neighbor.

I'm sending you all positive vibes for health and happiness...we all are such a wonderful support for each other I'm truly grateful! emoticon
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  • FITNIK2020
    Gosh, I think Susie is a lush. Say so, she needs help, but looking in the wrong place because you are in a different place. She can’t cope, but you have your hands full.
    113 days ago
    Why does our government make it so hard for everyone but the rich to get needed, promised assistance in crises. We pay more in taxes than they do! This is taxation without representation! Time to revolt!
    174 days ago
    I hope you are doing all right. Here in Texas things are opening up, and the quarantine is, maybe not completely over, but at least partly. Some restaurants are letting you eat in (following covid rules, of course), and many businesses have re-opened. My son, who is lucky enough to work at an airport (essential business), never lost his job, and kept working and making money. My daughter did lose her job (worked as a school aide), but will get it back again if the school reopens in August. They both live with me. I used to really want them to move out, but now I am glad they live with me, because having company made dealing with the grief from losing my other son, plus the stupid virus so much easier. Blessings to you!
    198 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    201 days ago
    Oh dear, Bobbi! I'm so sorry to hear about the crazy lady next door! Good for you for protecting your territory, and I hope you just keep ignoring the disparaging things she says while under the influence. I think a LOT of people are battling off situations of entrapment at the moment. All are now vulnerable because the excessively needy people know that you're home and probably don't have any urgent matters to attend to. So you were right to nip this in the bud, and I hope she leaves you alone from here on out. Maybe you could tell her that you're feeling symptomatic!

    I love your masks! Actually, I thought about you this morning, because my daughter Kana made me a cloth mask. We are not the least bit crafty, so we're just learning. The mask she made this morning was too small, but we'll just keep experimenting until we get it right. But your fabric is so cute! I know that whoever winds up with those masks will be delighted!
    219 days ago
    Greeting Bobbie!
    I am just catching up a bit. Love your masks! You are definitely making lemonade out of life's lemons!

    Your resiliency is amazing.
    I am going to church ( on line of course) this a.m. Saying prayers for ya! emoticon

    220 days ago
    You are so blessed with your many talents. It makes it nice to spend time doing things that you love. I'm so sorry about the consignment shop but you have contemplated for several years about closing and doing something different. Hopefully, something will pop up soon that can replace your income and keep you busy doing more stuff that you love.

    Oh my, I can't imagine having someone bold enough to come over on 3 different occasions to have a conversation with them-self....I guess alcohol does affect some differently than others.

    Sending many HUGS and prayers!
    224 days ago
    224 days ago
    Self preservation should be first and foremost. Too bad you can’t get away from an annoying neighbor. Not many places to go to right now. Go for a ride in your car rather than sitting home and letting the charger do the work for you. emoticon Keep on making the masks. They are invaluable right now. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    228 days ago
    Sounds like excellent coping skills to me, putting your own needs first and fending off your neighbor. You’re doing great with the masks!
    229 days ago
    229 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    Thank you for all that you do for others my friend. You are a treasure... emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    231 days ago
    I found some fabric in the basement and have been sewing at night as well. It's relaxing and I know my family appreciates it. Stay safe!!
    231 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/14/2020 6:33:26 PM
    Yes! Sometimes we just have to say NO, for our own health! I had to 'let go' of my uncle, his negativity got to me so much, I was getting sick. I only was near him because he is related. It's been several years, now. Feels SO much better! I try not to feel guilty, DH too. But Our health IS the most important thing. No matter what!!!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    234 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    Ignoring this alcoholic is the best thing you can do. Conditioning her to getting no response, will eventually let her know that she is wasting her time and energy. A PPO might be necessary later on when the judicial system is not so overwhelmed.
    Stay strong, do not respond to her in any form, screen your calls,,
    Thank you for your selfless giving to others.
    235 days ago
    You are so special! My favorite is the deer & the bear & the fox.... pretty idea! emoticon
    Sorry you had to close your beautiful store. Is anything online? I DO hope life will get back to a 'new normal' for all of us. I think the Earth is happy for the resting, period. No cars &&&&. It is VERY spring here. Our yards are lovely. That is where I am spending time for photography, sharing with friends. I can't perform my marionettes, either. TOO close to the children & everything is closed. I'm doing the best I can & so far it is all ok. DH is high risk, so I do most of the 'outside' shopping, when I HAVE too. Delivery people are still coming to the door unprotected, what's with that? So I Mainly go Costco, they are SO much safer than the 'regular' stores. Good luck with your neighbor! We are not letting ANYONE in the house. The gardener HAS to wear masks & gloves, to just come on the property!

    As you know, I love you! Thinking of you! Try to stay happy & healthy & I will too! emoticon
    235 days ago
    My son owns his own business so I know what you are going through. Bless you for make such cute masks. If I lived closer I would come by some from you. Stay safe and well emoticon emoticon
    235 days ago
    The face coverings are lovely, Bobbi. Wow, sad to hear you have had to close the gallery. What will you do now? Big hug.
    235 days ago
    Lovely neighbor but keep your distance, now more than ever.
    Why take the risk? Glad you are finding something to occupy
    your time. Sorry you needed to close the gallery but it just isn't
    safe. I am not ready for 18 moths of social distancing but we will
    see what happens next.
    235 days ago
    Oh, I'm just seeing the llamas on the light blue background. I like those too!. But you have such a great eye for beauty, it's hard not to get carried away choosing your wares. That's why I'm sure your consignment shop will come back with a bang. It's not so easy to find what you have online. Just sit it out and don't answer your doorbell. It's your home; you don't have to.
    235 days ago
    somthings fishy with the neighbor OR maybe she is like a lot of other people, so many turning & facing one & asking how they are. One never knows when the other will not be around.
    Gary & I worked for the public so I know what you mean when you just want to be alone when
    you come home. I would literally get upset when the phone rang at home I was either on the phone with a patient or with an insurance company at work & 9 out of 10 they were in India talking a mile a minute & having to tell them over & over to slow down !!!
    That is therapeutic making the mask you have a variety of differnt prints & colors .
    take care Bobbi Try to have a Blessed Easter
    235 days ago
    I have mixed feelings about the neighbor. Maybe nice that she wants to be friendly but in the middle of a quarantine? Not such a great idea. emoticon It is very nice of you to sew those masks. This is a very scary time. So sorry about all of the businesses and economy.
    235 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    235 days ago
  • LYNCHD05
    I wish I lived close to you Bobbi as I sure would buy some of those masks. I don’t have a sewing machine so I can’t do it myself either. On top of that there is nowhere you can buy fabric

    I think the Canadian government is doing an outstanding job with helping Canadians. My DGD applied one week and the money was in her account the next week and will continue monthly until this is over. There is also help for small business which is rolling out shortly. When the help comes from the top it moves much quicker. Unfortunately that is not happening in the US. Let’s not go there as that is another story.....
    235 days ago
    So glad you are being productive and making all those cute masks.
    235 days ago
    Thank you for all you are doing!
    235 days ago
    So awesome!
    235 days ago
    You are a wonder, Bobbi. I'm so glad you are enjoying what you are doing. It does make the time pass!
    235 days ago
    nice for the masks, maybe the neighbor is a gift you need? never know until you at least talk to her . maybe on the back desk
    235 days ago
    I am with you on the neighbors. I like my space when I am home.

    Great job on the masks, I made one for myself and haven't been able to do anymore, cause I have no elastic, no pony tail holders, saw someone say you can use panties leg elastic, but I just can't talk myself into ruining my underwear and putting it on my face. lol I refuse to go to Wally World, as that is a germ infection if I ever since one, some of those people that go in there are pretty questionable. lol And there is no other place, so will just keep washing the one I got. Do you have any other ideas on elastic. thought of just straps but with only one arm that works, who is going to tie it?????? It's hard enough get the elastic over my ears.
    235 days ago
    love this idea thank you
    235 days ago
  • MUGABI123
    Awesome work!
    235 days ago
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