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An Exercise in Reframing

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Today's challenge on the One Day Challenge team is to practice reframing your thoughts.
I found a great Spark article on this topic.

I really liked the point made in the article that "the opposite of negative thinking isn’t positive thinking—it’s accurate thinking. In situations where you simply can’t stretch far enough to find a positive angle, try thinking neutral thoughts instead"

Years ago, reframing your thoughts was discussed on A Little Happier Podcast. They taught me to change the dread of household tasks into positives. My I'm-too-tired-to-clean-the kitchen-and- set-up-the-coffee-pot, turned into thinking about how nice it is to wake up to a clean sink and counter and coffee ready to go.

It occurred to me on my six-mile run this morning that running is a great time to practice reframing your thoughts. Running is a combination of strength, endurance, drive and positive mental thoughts.

As I ran about a quarter mile against the wind, toxic thoughts started... "Ugh, I don't have it in me today", "I can't run against the wind". I remembered today's One Day Challenge team challenge and my mind went back to running the 2017 Chicago half marathon. I stuck with a pacer that day who made it look so easy. His body looked totally relaxed, whereas I was all clenching up pushing myself.

So today I slowed down to take a sip of water, took a breath and started running again, slowly, unclenching everything. Clenching up against the wind only tires me out. I let the breeze run through me, imagining my good exercise-induced endorphins blowing out to the universe for those that could use some.

It made it a smidge easier. Not easy, just a smidge easier and I'll take all the smidge I can get when I'm running.


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