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My covid-thankfully-not
-quite-nineteen pounds

Monday, June 01, 2020

When the pandemic hit and we all had to isolate, everything changed in my household. I had to contend with two other people in the house all the time who took over the only space I could exercise. If I asked for the room for an hour, i would get "we have to live here too and you can't expect us to rearrange our lives around you" etc. Personally, I thought a laptop could easily be moved into another room and tv did not need to be watched all day, but that's just me.

I tried waking up before the others to get my workouts in, but was yelled at for being too noisy when they were trying to sleep. Treadmill beeps and feet hitting the floor were enough to wake at least one of them, sometimes both. I even tried convincing them to go on country drives so they would get out of the house, but that was vetoed. After so much frustration, I gave up. It was just too stressful -- the pandemic, the arguments, everything. I also started comfort eating things like cookies and ice cream, plus there were two birthdays and a mother's day cake. Between the junkfood and being unable to do my workouts for two months I gained back the weight I had managed to lose previously.

Thanks to businesses starting to open, one person in this house will be heading back to work. This means I will have a small opening in the mornings (while the other person is having breakfast and showering) in which I can hopefully get my exercising done. I do not know if I will be able to find a new job for the summer, but I wont worry about how that may affect my workouts right now.

I have made a new goal of losing fifteen pounds before classes start in the autumn as I plan to go back to school. That gives me three months of major exercising and healthier eating to succeed. I won't be able to keep up my current workout regime and will have to figure out something else once classes begin, and once they do I will have a new goal to lose ten more pounds by the end of the year.

Wish me luck!
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