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What I Learned in Shanghai, China

Sunday, June 14, 2020

My tip for today is:

Pack up your dishes and replace with small dishes. In the 1950s Americans were using dinner plates that were 9". Now the plates we are buying are 3 inches larger,12 inches! How many inches make a foot? Oh, yeah, 12!

I lived in Shanghai for a short time in 2004 and our dishes were tiny by American standards. You might think that switching to smaller dishes would mean that you'd eat more because you'd have to keep having seconds, etc. BUT, psychologically the mind is tricked into thinking you have had enough when you've actually eaten less by having multiple servings on tiny plates than using our large American plates.

I'm not wording it well. But, it worked for me. You can get little bowls and dishes at dollar stores (maybe not the chains etc, but the kind that is owned by independent owners.) That's where I got mine when I returned to America.

The plate above is 8", 4 inches smaller than what most of us are eating our dinners on. Trick your mind, change your dishes!

Explained in a way better than I have, I just found this magazine article that supports what I'm trying to communicate:

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