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Day 103 - Super Saturday

Saturday, July 04, 2020

As I lay in bed last night, desperately trying not to be irritated by the fact I couldn't sleep [as usual], I found myself wondering what today's headlines would be.  You see certain businesses were allowed to open once again today including pubs.  Well, in England. Our devolved governments here in Wales, and in Scotland, are being somewhat more cautious. Rightly so imho.  I reckoned 'Super Saturday' and 'Independence Day' were favourite.  Along with 'Cheers Boris'! - most likely from The Scum.  Turns out the two most favoured though not as huge headlines in themselves, were the first two.  Perhaps I should pursue a new career as a 'Headline Writer'?  

The NHS are concerned that they may land up tonight being inundated with revellers who have overindulged - kind of New Year's Eve only worse.  Let's hope not.  But if they do, maybe I should give the 'Cheers Boris'! headline to one of the papers that are not quite such cheerleaders for Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson?  Assuming they are able to present it dripping with sarcasm as I mean it. It's certainly not a blog title I wanted to use this evening [though maybe tomorrow if the NHS fears turn out to be correct], and The Legal Eagle advises that given it is *actually* Independence Day in America, I shouldn't use that as members of the American contingent could sue me for misleading advertising or some such.  What with America being quite a litigious society seemingly.  So, Super Saturday it is.  And whilst it hasn't been 'super' in the usual sense of the word, it has had it's successes.  And failures.  But even failure can be useful in terms of information etc.

As foretold, it chucked down again today.  And sod's law came into play.  In response to my blog yesterday [see below], 1Crazydog suggested that 'Sod's Law' sounded rather like 'Murphy's Law. This is true. Except Murphy's Law states that 'Anything that CAN go wrong, WIll go wrong. Whereas Sod's Law tells us the 'Anything that Can go wrong, WIll go wrong in the WORST POSSIBLE WAY. Given it was p!ssing down again, Murphy's Law would have dictated that one or two of the insole type products I ordered would turn up. However, it was Sod's Law that was in action and so ALL [bar one] of the items arrived. Most frustrating as it really wasn't a day for taking numerous walks to test them out. As you can see, quite a selection.

I checked the hourly weather forecast and decided to dodge in between the predicted rainfall and take a walk over to the Retail Park, having first put one of the pairs of insoles in my trainers. Of course they were far too big for me [despite ordering the smallest size] so I had to cut them down first.

And naturally [Sod's Law, remember] I got rained upon both on the way there, and the way back. I should have taken shampoo/soap/body wash. I could have multi tasked and had a shower. Suffice to say, the insoles did not stop the pain. However, they did make me realise I wasn't walking properly [as in heel to toe], which I guess is important to know. They may be useful in pumps but not right for my trainers. Next!

Aside from testing out the insoles, my main reason for going to The Retail Park, was to get an item from B & Q [DIY store]. Earlier in the week Peetee called me and I happened to mention about the strip light in the kitchen and that replacing the bulb hadn't worked. "Probably needs a new starter" he told me. So I googled and youtubed and figured out what I needed and how to do it. Let there be light. And for the vast sum of £3 there is.

So, if the career as a 'Headline Writer' doesn't pan out, I must surely be a fully experienced Electrickery person now, no?

Meanwhile, I also bought myself a little present. See if you can guess what.

Bright blessings

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    Enjoy the light. What next in electrickery?
    146 days ago
    I finally dragged my sore foot to a podiatrist a few days ago after about 8-9 months of some strange random pain in my ankle/side of my left foot...tendinitis!
    May blog later in case anyone can benefit from my experience.
    147 days ago
    Yes, thanks to reopening especially beaches and bars/clubs the virus has the hospitals here over flowing. ICU totally full. So now bars are closed again and masks are mandatory. Why do you have to force people to be sane? I watched the 4 older Rambo movies today and in #3 they had this line which seems to be true...God really likes crazy people. Why do you say that? Because there are so many of them....

    maybe a rain coat and/or hat?
    147 days ago
    Ah now I see the distinction between Sods Law and Murphy’s Law. Yes, Sods Law would be much worse!

    You really did get a selection of insoles! HOPE at least one of them works!

    OH in my fair city when the bars reopened it took 5 days for the #
    S of the virus to jump. OF COURSE nobody socially distanced. Are you kidding me! PFfft. Why would they have even thought that would happen. So, I wish you lots of luck w/the openings.

    Wow! You’re good! You have light now!

    Let’s see . . . Guessing it has something to do with gardening, but not sure!

    147 days ago
    147 days ago
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