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Tuesday, July 07, 2020

I'll begin by making a confession. I've become a bit of a social media hermit during the Spring Challenge. I really have become largely silent, because social media has just been exploding with so much negativity and criticism. It breaks my heart, and I've been so disappointed with so many people on all sides of the many-sided fences. From coronavirus (and the many conspiracy theories) to highly-charged racial issues that threaten to rob our country from the good progress that has been made over the years and threatens to stamp undeserved labels on so many (and again, I say, from many sides of the fences), it has been so disheartening. By nature I am an introvert (though most of my acquaintances don't believe that; by God's grace I've overcome most of the negatives), yet at some point in this craziness, my nature kicked in, and I've simply retreated. I think maybe I have to force myself to become a bit more social again . . . if nothing more than in the safety of my Challenge Team.

I have been slow to implement my plan/schedule . . . because I knew I had a detailed one from a previous challenge, but was sure I needed to change it. And . . . I just didn't look the right places to find it. So, here it is.

1) EATING PLAN: Roughly following DASH diet, lower carb/high protein
I typically try to keep my daily Fitbit step count at 8,000/day (just because that helped me maintain my 2014 weight back when).

My daily EXERCISE plan (about an hour/day) is:
-BellyBlastApp (13m), includes strength/core training (BTW, I experimented with other apps during the Spring Challenge, and found that while the visuals aren't as great as others, the results are better with what I recently posted here--so I'm back with what works better for me.)
-StrongArm Video (12m)/Weightless arms Video and alternate w/other Strength Training
-4 Minute Menopause exercise routine (Lucy Wyndham-Reed) (4)
- Mountain hike/walk OR Aerobic Workouts (30m) OR Gardening

2) MY ROUTINE (changed it up to what I think will work better for me and will bump the same schedule up/back if I get up earlier or later; sleep is a guessing game for me at my age):
- 7am - Get up; Make pot of coffee; (a) take meds, (b) first glass of LEMON water, and (c) eat HUNGER BUSTER (if needed)
- 7:15am - Morning prayer & devotions w/coffee & praise music
- 8:15am - (a) sync fitbit for hours of sleep and previous day's steps, (b) take BP & update/record in mini-health journal, (c) login to Spark; and (d) post in Spark Teams.
- 8:30am - EXERCISE (as above)
- 9:30am - Shower, dress, prepare for day
- 10:00am - Breakfast & Marriage devotion with Hubby (in Mexico, that's mid-morning)
- 10:30am - Daily duties/communications (right now it's mosty office work--daily schedule in agenda)
[2:30pm – lunch break (Nutrition tracking after each meal if possible)]
- 6:30pm - Evening with Hubby
- 10pm – (a) plan for and prep for main meal TOMORROW, (b) exercises/relaxation; (c) update mini-health journal totals
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