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July 8-An the heat goes on...

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

yeah a bit of a play on words..but it seems to be almost a nationwide situation. We managed to top the 100's today..with more on the way..OH Goodie! A friend reminded me of the misery of high heat and high humidity...that did cool my thinking a bit if not my body!! On the goodie page they should have a pool icon..I gave me a hot tub..it won't be hot but it'll be wet in imagination at least!!
My DIL and I were up and out headed to town by 7:30 this AM . I am so glad we did that. We managed to make our stops and get home just a lil past 10 ..temp in 90's by then. By the time I unloaded the truck I was sweating like crazy. But I knew it was all there was , no more need to head outside. If Ravens or SS wants eggs they are welcome to them..Actually I think the heat has slowed the hens down a bit..they are a cool weather breed that lays best in temps not in the Pizza Oven range!!
Got home to the crew going at it in the front yard, already had a good sized hole dug and stayed at it thru most of the day, until finally around 3 they were able to drop in the new tank!

You can see the stacks of shale on the sides...that is why the name of this place is Stonebound Acres. My brother in law calls it The Rock Farm!! They hit a solid wall of shale ..thankfully it was deep enough that they did not have to blast to go further !!
So then the tank was placed and plumbed in. Interesting to see how the process went and since I love machinery and such..I was watching and thinking how much I would love to drive ..use that big ole Bobcat!! After a bit of waiting and watching...wa la....Tank in and working.

you can see the west wall of the old cement tank , once they fill around the new one they will collapse the old one and fill in that area. It was an interesting process and a rather expensive one..but now done and nothing to worry about for at least another 20 years! He did find some slowing of drainage due to cement crumbling on the old tank..So this has been a positive and necessary expense. The Health Dept guy said the old one would have never passed inspection if I were to want to sell..so now tis all good. He has to come back out and look at this one before they can cover it. Maybe tomorrow..??
The pups have been miserable, as have all critters I reckon. I feel almost guilty pushing them out the door, literally I must push Daisy out the door . It was so hot I was not sure they could make it off the deck to the ground to do their duty! Between temps and blazing sun it just takes your breath away. Molly who usually wants to supervise any project was not at all interested in todays happenings. Plus she got really frightened by the big Bobcat, it was a lil bit more equipment than she has ever been exposed to! I wonder what dogs and cats think machinery like that is, with the big box that a person is in..and then that long arm with a claw and bucket at the end of it! Must look like a monster to them!!
Now crew gone for the night and all is quiet. Feeling good that indeed this was a job that needed to be done.
Got my steps in today strolling at high speed thru WallyWorld,,also pushing an ever increasingly heavy cart. I know a lot of folks don't like WW but in our lil burg the other stores are out pricing themselves and do not carry items we normally do purchase. It was nice being there early, folks seemed a bit cheerier, saw smiles over masks. And folks were saying , excuse me,,pardon me..could you help me...much nicer than the later day rush crowd for sure! Even my DIL..who is NOT a morning person..was saying ..we need to go in early all the time!!
So the day has wound up and we are all ready to settle in for a quiet nite. May you rest well and your dreams bring happy feelings as you arise in the AM. Nite ya'al...

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