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July 9~Hurrah..good day

Thursday, July 09, 2020

Yes it is still way too hot..but at least there is good news too. Septic in..done,,working. Inspected this AM and the covering up and cleaning up has begun. I expect work will be done tomorrow!

Funny story..as I have said..between SS and Ravens ..no eggs. Well this AM I was out and about heard the hens fussing so I went down to the pen and closed the big door and propped the small door so that they could barely get in and out! The Ravens were already on the fence waiting to get their snacks. OH they were upset with me!! They flew off when I do a shoo shoo at them, but only went out into the West pasture. Then they set up a fuss telling me exactly how much they resented me ! I again went out a few hours later..and sure enough..there were 4 eggs! Today was my day!!

The heat is paralyzing to me. But I did get out to the mudroom for a few hours to stuff steel wool in a mouse hole and place some wood over the places that they had been using for their grand entrance! As I made trips from the mudroom to the wood shop I could feel the temps soaring , by the time I finished up that lil task it was hot and I was done. How that crew works thru the day in the heat I do not know!
I need to make a frame around Molly's doggie door, when the area was cut out it got kind of off center and there is a bit of Trim that needs to be done to seal it. Then I will see about designing and building an outter door for winter seal. I have several ideas , most of which are set with the idea of being able to open and close without having to go out in the snow and cold. We will see how well I am able to get that done. At least I do have several months to work on that!!
The move of the GD up here has been put off since she got exposed to CV19. It is now looking like the end of this month or even the first of Aug. I refuse to let them come here until she has had a negative test and that will be in two weeks from now.
So that has kinda wrapped up my day..felt good to get out and spend some time in the woodshop. Now a relaxing evening is in view..I wish the same for ya'al~
Good nite..
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