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July 10~Too Hot

Friday, July 10, 2020

Nearly impossible to think..this is not nice. Nuff of the whining!!

Crew did a level it off , gather big rocks for stepping stones, at my request and wrapped it up.
I decided to leave most of the rock scattered in the yard to start my adventure in xerioscape living. This is a fairly small area and I can learn here what works and what doesn't. Right now not much of anything is worth going outside for!

This afternoon I was watching out the kitchen window at the show the Ravens were putting on.
An adult was on the roof of the garden-greenhouse with one of the young birds, another was on the frame of the strawbale garden area and one more sitting on the pile of pallets. The adult kept showing them to spread their wings and flutter them...then would smooth them.
Then smooth as silk the adult caught the wind and soared into the skies. The young one on the roof did spread wings and flutter a bit..but then was like ..nah I don't wanna go. The others watching and learning as the adult returned to council with them a bit more. They did finally all take off in a swoop of feathers when my neighbors drove up the driveway. I need to look up what a group of Ravens is called. I know a group of crows is a Murder and a group of Baboons is a Congress, but do not know about Ravens....yet!

I did block the hen house again and got some eggs for my use. But I must admit the stolen eggs went to feed some beautiful young birds! I also got called names by one of the Ravens, it let loose on me once it checked the hen house door. Sorry kiddo..you need to feed the babies..I need to feed me and the folks that are dependent on me for their eggs!

Car is fixed..took a bit more work than I had anticipated. Nah it took a lot more work than I had thought it was going to be. But Tom said now it should be good for another 100 K miles at least! Got a new battery in and he sat all the clocks and such for me..so now Pearl is good and ready to once again hit the road! Thanks to wonderful neighbors..can see some zuchinni bread headed their way soon.

So went the day..I hope ya'al have a great weekend and enjoy !
Nite Now....this is where I would love to be..

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