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Personal Power

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

By personal power, I mean the power that everyone has within themselves provided that they maintain the right action, attitude, confidence, goals and persistence. If you can read and think you have unlimited personal power and the power to achieve much, even things which you have even not yet dreamed of.
Everything that you are involved in is an action that produces a result. Let the clear majority of your actions be result oriented, i.e. consistent with certain goals. See the section on goals below.
You must strive to have a winning attitude of personal growth and positive thought, which is in harmony with your goals. If you don’t feel your attitude is in harmony with your goals you must either use your strengths and blessings to achieve positive results or reconsider the purpose of your goals.
You must feel that whatever obstacle that gets in the way of your goal, you can find a way to dissolve it or get around it. See right attitude above.
Everyone who is admired for their success has usually chosen goals which are challenging, yet in harmony with their spiritual core, ones that are worthy of their effort. Choose your goals well.
Almost every great advancement in the world would not have occurred except for the persistent effort of individuals who never gave up on their dreams. As long as you are persistent in your efforts you have not failed. Don’t give up on your dreams.
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