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When Opportunity Knocks

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Why wait for opportunity to knock? Build a door. Create opportunity for yourself.


Changing your perspective is a great way to start to see opportunity everywhere. For example:
-> stuck at home with the Covid Blues. Reframe that thought: I get to be in my own space and I could do xyz that I've been wanting to start/try for a long time. Rearrange the furniture or the artwork; shake things up.
-> I have to cook (again): what would be fun to try? what's easy and quick? what could I make a big batch of so I don't have to cook again for a couple of days? What fun can I have with the time I capture from that?
-> I have to work: at least I still have a job and income coming in. How can I help alleviate stress for people I interact with who may be upset or anxious due to Covid? Whose day can I brighten by staying upbeat and positive?
-> I have to homeschool on top of everything else I am managing: how can I empower my kids to direct their own learning? Can I challenge them to make their own plan and gently direct that to conform to what the school wants? What are they curious about and willing to learn? This is a great opportunity to get to know my kids better! What is important to them? How did I not know that?
-> I can't travel/vacation like I planned: where did I want to go, do, or see? Can I learn something about that? Take a virtual tour? Cook a recipe that I might have encountered there? Play some music of local bands. It is amazing what can be found on the internet. Even if you can't make the actual trip for a while, you can gather information and refine your dream plan. For his birthday, my brother's kids made him put on a Hawaiian shirt and shorts and sat him in a lounge chair in the back yard with his feet in a wading pool. They served him a fun beverage in a coconut shell with a homemade paper umbrella and pineapple fruit kabobs, with Hula music playing on one of those Ipod devices. He was delighted, said he didn't miss the jet lag or the sunburn.
-> Oh Woe Is Me: really? A Pity Party? Look around. There is so much to be thankful for, the people here on Spark People to start. How about the computer that provides access, not to mention the window to world as well. What have you always been curious about yourself? What can you learn about that? Come back and tell me what you discovered. Tell your kids. Maybe they would like to know you better too.

Curiosity is a wonderful key to lots of doors of discovery. Learn a new dance, game, physical movement, or healthy food to try. Challenge the negative thoughts that are plaguing you. Look around at the beauty and abundance that once you look, you will find everywhere.

Peace and Care
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