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Thursday, August 06, 2020

Surely by now my regular readers must be SCREAMING "ENOUGH!" And it is!! LOL IT IS!! It's now almost 8 weeks of pain with no change. Many tests have been done, all negative.

Today I called the GI office, they had said they'd schedule another test. Its to see if I have SIBO ( Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) so on Tues AM I go in and hopefully they'll know when I leave. It's a super easy test, but it takes 3 or so hours. I'll let you know.

Meanwhile the no diary is going so much better than I ever thought it would!! I am normally a HUGE Cheese eater, greek yogurt, but am finding I can do without these quite easily. NEVER thought Id say that!!

The 5% Challenge is now in week 5, Saturday was our 1/2 way mark for the weighing in to see how much we've lost.

Here's my weigh in

Starting Weight 7/4/20: 172.6
5% Goal (Your starting weight X 0.05): 8.63
Goal Weight (Your starting weight minus your 5% goal): 164

Week 1: 7/11/20: 171.5
Week 2: 7/18/20: 170.8
Week 3: 7/25/20: 169.8
Week 4: 8/1/20: 168.4
Week 5: 8/8/20:
Week 6: 8/15/20:
Week 7: 8/22/20:
Week 8: Final Weigh-In 8/29/20:

emoticon ALMOST at the half way mark and I'll hit that this week if all goes well!!

So though I NEED to lay at times (SORRY Indigo team this has really affected the FITNESS ITC for week 9) and I am clearly so much more tired than my normal, my weight is still DOWN DOWN DOWN!! I may or may not make my 5%, but if I do not it'll be very close!! Though it's FUN to hit my 5% weight loss goal, it's also just FUN FUN FUN knowing I am trying.


For coming to my blog!! It's so very appreciated.
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