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First red tomato

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Okay, I know all you gardeners living in warmer climates have already enjoyed full harvests of ripe tomatoes but I just got my first red one today! I am so excited! It doesn't matter how many years I garden, getting first harvest never gets old. The cherries are the ones that did it first for me this year (well simultaneously with a couple beefsteak) and of course I picked the first one and popped it right into my mouth. Love the cherries for their bite sized convenience! Sweet and juicy, just like I hoped...Yummm!

I finally bit the bullet and bought a canner a few weeks ago. I always told myself I wasn't going to ever fuss with that hassle. I've seen canning done and it looks like a big production. But I changed my mind. Someone had a pre owned one she was selling with a book, tongs and a few jars for $12. And it was sold! To the girl who said she'd never do canning. So my garden salsa will get the respect it deserves and go in shiny glass jars this year. Hopefully it will go smoothly. Worst case, it's a disaster, but I still tried something new, so it will be worth it! That's what I'm telling myself anyway.

The chickens latest trick is jumping up on top of their coop, which is fairly tall, so it caught me by surprise. I was just finishing cleaning it out and putting down new wood chips in the layer boxes and sneaky Lilly nearly scared my socks off....When I looked up from my task she was right there on the peak of the coop roof face to face with me. "Bock!" she said. (I think it was her version of "boo" and it certainly had the startling effect.) I dropped the lid and jumped back. I think I said something like,, "What are you doing up there you crazy dinosaur!?" Yeah, she got me. Won't happen again... Fool me once!
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