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FINALLY An answer,,, PHEW!!! To why in pain for 2 months

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

My regular readers know I've been in pain for over 2 months now. It's abdomen pain, and it is PAINFUL!! I had so many tests that I am grateful my insurance is mostly decent. I have NO clue how others do this. From that comment you likely realize I live in the US,, Maine (where the COVID Numbers are very low, we've been wearing our masks since the start of April).

I had a test today to see if I have SIBO (Small Intestines Bacterial Overgrowth). It causes the bloating, the hmmm gas (Mom always said mentioning that was NO lady like!! But I had 4 brothers, LOL NEED I SAY MORE???),,, plus more distress one doesn't need to read about. It has made me sooo very tired. It really goes back to Dec, when I first saw someone randomly at my Dr's office. If my Dr isn't available I get whoever. It's a teaching office, and I'd LOVE to that gal, because I had told her she was wrong. She told me "oh it's a backache" I live in chronic back pain, I KNOW what a backache is.

I DO have it.

So now we can start to get this into check. First it's treated by antibiotics. My insurance I am being told will not cover the preferred one, but will a different one. Just get me started on it,, soon please.


SIBO though is though an affect. It'll take us quite awhile to figure out what food(S) my body can't handle. That's OKAY at least we know this now. I've been dairy free for 2 weeks, today was the day back in cheese. It'll be a long , slow process but that's okay. HOPEFULLY its NOT chocolate. LOLOL

During this time,,,, as my team members on both the AWESOME A"s ( a part of the 2020 Summer Challenge, now in week 6, if you are looking for an AMAZING TEAM to help you with healthy habits,,,, that's active, AND encouraging, please below say so because in 2 weeks we can invite you aboard for the 2020 FALL 5% challenge or right about 2 weeks) and the INDIGO Team a part of the Biggest Loser team) they can tell you that Yes I've slowed down at times,, usually averaging 1 or maybe 2 times a week, but I FIGHT to keep my health, exercise up,, there's an emotional/ mental impact when you take care of yourself when the body is NOT happy. I am so glad I've fought for it.

if it's important to me, I WILL fight to do my best.

SO MUCH For the TREMENDOUS SUPPORT You've given me!! Life can be hard, but when you get thru it (I rely a LOT on prayer, but realize many do not and that's fine for each of us. For me, it works for others various other things do) you are STRONGER. Singing "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger,,, strooonnngger"

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