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What kind of birds don't like bread?

Friday, August 14, 2020

Today, among my tasks on my to do list was to clean out the fridge. I've got 3 hungry guys who live with me so it generally doesn't get too overfilled on most shelves. The bread shelf is the only exception. It seems like my family, or certain members of it, go through bread eating spurts, of which I am usually blissfully unaware. I buy whatever I think is right, stock it in the fridge and the people in my house eat it as they please. Or they don't. I'm very much a "live and let live" person when it comes to all of this and don't think about it often so it's very unregulated. No one ever asks for anything, which is fine, but they also don't tell me when we run out of stuff, which isn't always the greatest, but hey, no one's perfect. And I never remember to check before I go shopping so I just get whatever, and if we don't need it right away I freeze it. Well, somehow we ended up with an overabundance of hamburger and hot dog buns. And most were not so fresh when I discovered them today. Still edible, (definitely not green) but a little stiff and past expire date. So I thought, who better to enjoy these but my lovely chickens! (Actually I thought, it's them or the trash, but that doesn't have quite the same ring for blogging purposes.)

So out I went, excited to see how they might enjoy this new food. I remember our ducks enjoying day old bread when I was growing up and I had high hopes that the chickens would like it just as much. Well, as usual, I was pretty much wrong. I tore it up in little bird sized pieces and threw one piece out. Chicken psychology of scarcity tends to work well on these girls, and it was instantly hot competition! They all went for it and the winner grabbed it and ran off with her spoils. Then I quickly tossed another to each of the remaining ones until they all had a piece. It did not seem to suit their palettes at all. I will give them an A for effort, as they did try, pecking at the bread pieces several times, but never quite liking them enough to actually eat them. I tried throwing out more pieces to amp up enthusiasm. They ran all around collecting, pecking, dashing away from one another with a freshly thrown piece in their beaks, but never quite eating any of it. So they don't like bread. Now I'm questioning if they are even females all over again. What females don't like bread? I don't know of any!

So that's that. I was not able to recheck and see if what had been sprinkled had been consumed as when I went to shut them in tonight, it was already dark. I have my doubts. Perhaps they might like a different kind of bread- maybe I'll try whole wheat next time. Maybe they require croissants or crumpets and tea,,,I don't know. Perhaps a bagel with cream cheese and an espresso? Stale hot dog buns sure didn't cut it. They are a bit picky for being chickens! I'm not sure they'd make it in the wild.

Today I also completed Aldous Huxley's "A Brave New World". Given our current state of affairs, it was quite terrifying. I read Orwell's "1984" just a few years back and the two combined feels like reality today. Or like a reality we are being rapidly pushed toward. So my next read will be decidedly more lighthearted!

That's all for tonight spark friends!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Somehow SP stopped sending me notices of your blogs, and, being lazy, I figured you had stopped blogging for awhile. Silly me! I missed so many blogs, and I am sure there are scads of exciting chicken adventures to read about. Now I shall gorge myself on funny chicken stories, and brighten my Saturday afternoon. (Which definitely needs brightening, because I seem to have the stomach flu and am not a happy camper. Probably not the dreaded virus, though, since I can still smell and probably taste, though I don't feel like testing it out at the moment, and no fever.)

    Tell the girls that they don't know what they're missing! Bread (well, perhaps not stale hot dog buns) is one of my fav things in the entire world.
    14 days ago
    Some hot dog buns are pretty highly processed, so maybe that's the issue! I'm sure they'd prefer fruit, regardless!
    36 days ago
    Why not try some Bread Pudding and use then buns. And it is so good. But those girls of yours, they are such a hoot, I hope they never grow up. love their antics. Wish I could each one of them a big hug as they give me a smile everyday.
    37 days ago
  • no profile photo INCH_BY_INCH
    emoticon emoticon
    37 days ago
    well that was funny!
    37 days ago
    For those saying bread is bad for chickens and ducks, this is false. Bread can be safely fed to chickens, in moderation, as long as it is not moldy. This comes from folks who actually have decades of experience in small farming...that means people who've actually done it with no negative side effects. The ONLY case in which it would pose a problem is if were fed as the main nutritional source, since it does NOT provide complete nutrition. It should only be provided as a supplemental treat. Chickens can eat a variety of table scraps including bread, truth be told. Please don't be so easily misled by fear mongering lies and then attempt to spread misinformation, Thank you.

    37 days ago
    Yes, how prophetic those two books are! Sad, but true. Your chickens are adorable.
    37 days ago
    emoticon for sharing emoticon
    37 days ago
    I heard bread is actually bad for birds
    37 days ago
    Yes, I agree with the others... bread is now considered to be suitable for birds.
    I make breadcrumbs and croutons from stale bread, better than buying them!
    37 days ago
  • LOF7203
    Thanks for sharing
    37 days ago
    Do NOT feed birds human bread. Their bone structure will change.
    37 days ago
    Bread is not good for ducks so I assume also for chickens. We have an outdoor mini mall here with a pond in the middle. Tons of wild duck with a big sign to not give them bread. You have to buy duck food from one of the stores. Only two dollars a cup that the kids buy to feed them. Bread can hurt their system.
    37 days ago
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