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end of summer 5% challenge

Saturday, August 29, 2020

I may not have lost any weight but I did manage to track my food and exercise the whole Summer challenge. This challenge has been an investigate one for me since I have been on a very long plateau.

I am totally going to do Pawsome on thr fall challenge, come join me.

I wish I would have went through the "countdown activities" for this challenge but they always seem to complicated and I need to break it down into simple steps so . . .

I asked myself these questions.
"Am I doing the right things to reach my goal?"

1. Drink the right amount of water every day.
2. Eat the right amount of calories every day.
3. Exercise the right amount every day.
4. Limit Stress
5. Get the right amount of sleep.

"What are the things that I did that had moved my weight downward for me?"
1. about 80 oz. of water
2. about 1400 calories and limited sodium intake
3. about 60 minutes low impact moderate exercise
4. hard to measure stress so for me this is making sure I have "me time" every day
5. 7 hours

"How am I going to do those things consistently to reach my goal?"
1. Water - fill up water bottles in the morning. Put in easy reach so I notice them all day long.
2. Calories - menu plan and log food before eating.Use app on phone - no excuses
3. Exercise - put in my calendar app as appointments so the reminders pop up on phone with the link to the exercise I plan to do that day.
4. Stress - take planned breaks, listen to relaxing music in the background.
5. Sleep - Fitbit alarm set to get ready for bed at 10:00 p.m.

Track these items daily and check-in with myself weekly
What was my biggest success this past week?
What did I struggle with?
How can I re-frame the struggle into a lesson for the future?
What Obstacles are coming up this next week that I need to plan for?

*Some of this advice came from Pahla B Fitness on You Tube. Here is the link to the information and exercise videos:

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