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Mask Mayhem! Protein, Coaching Session

Thursday, September 10, 2020

This is now officially my favorite mask! I don't know how big the picture will turn out, but I hand sewed the flowers at the corners, so cute! I love it! I found this mask pattern online at The instructions are so very vague, she doesn't even tell you how long to make the elastic. She tells you to measure everything to your face.... that's all good, but you gave me a pattern, tell me how to make it to pattern and I'll tweak it from there! Because the pattern fits me perfectly. I didn't put the metal nose piece in, I should because of my glasses, but... I'm not going to have glasses other than reading glasses for much longer. So, no need. Here is my first mask:

I love how soft this fabric is! It's 100% cotton, but so soft, I had to use a light starch to get the fabric to stay in place while I was sewing it. I'm planning on making several more masks, so I can have cute masks to go with any outfit I wear. I have lots of cotton fabric, plenty of plain white cotton for the inside of them as well. There is a brilliant blue with cute little flowers on it that I intend to work on tomorrow after I get home from having my car's AC repaired.

As far as projects go, I found that foot cosy tutorial that walks you through how to make one according to your own measurements. I didn't have anything soft to make it with, but I stopped by the thrift store and they were having a 50% off sale and had some brand new plush blankets, both in black, that were super soft and fuzzy. They washed nice and I think I'll use one of them for the foot cosy. Should be interesting to make.

I took a close up of my face to send a picture of me wearing my new bee mask to my BFF, and bless her heart for not saying anything about my hair! I've not been drinking my protein shake very often and you can tell by my hair! I've lost more! It looks so thin, I've learned my lesson. Even with me taking my supplements, which help a lot, if I don't get my protein in, my hair will not grow back. In fact, it will fall out. Protein is important! So, starting tomorrow I will have either breakfast or lunch as a shake. Some mornings I get up and eggs sound amazing. On those days I'll weigh whether I want to eat or drink lunch as much as I want to eat eggs for breakfast. I'll cut back on my coffee intake in the morning, because my shake is a coffee flavored shake (with real espresso powder) and I don't want to overdo the coffee. I'll also cut out the carbs in my meals more, I'm supposed to be doing that anyway, but I have not been. I'll sub more protein in its place, like I'm supposed to. LOL. Losing your hair will make you really take a look at what you are doing! I don't consider myself vain, but when faced with slowly going bald, yeah, maybe I am a little!! If I can prevent it by doing the things I'm supposed to be doing, I will. As my Mom used to say, "You can bet your sweet bippy!" LOL!

So, my free coaching session was... interesting. Of course she tried to get me to sign up for more coaching sessions and at first I was like, what is the price and how does it work? Like, can we work something out. I was thinking set up a monthly meeting. LIke, check in at the end of the month, that sort of thing. Nope. She has a program. Which is ridiculously expensive. And, you have to sign up for 3 months. I didn't realize how expensive till I saw it written out when she emailed me. Fortunately I said I could not at this time due to finances, I knew from her initial quote that much. But when I saw it written out, I realized how expensive it would be overall, and no way. Can't do it. I had told her to check back with me in January, but it is going to be a flat no. I wanted to work with her, but at that price, no way, I'll take what we talked about to my therapist and see what we can work on. Now that I realize that I need to work on that area in particular, I'll work on it. And I thank her for that, for sure. I wish I could work with her. She is awesome. Oh well.

So, it looks like I might get to attend the virtual Rachel Hollis Rise conference! DH is talking about getting me a ticket. Yay! So awesome, as I think it is her last one this year, she mentioned on a post that this was round two for Rise conference of 2020, the general admission ticket is not very expensive at all, so I am thinking this may be a big yes. I've never attended a conference like this, I mean, I've gone to conferences in the AF, but that is not quite the same, this is one I want to go to, LOL. Not that I'm going anywhere, I'll be right here, in my little office, doing dance breaks in my office. I'll have to put up my crochet basket and ironing board so I can dance, LOL! Yes, there are dance breaks and a dance party at the end, woohoo! emoticon

Well, I hope you have a wonderful Thursday and awesome whatever day/time you read this!!



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