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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

I think a lot of us are looking for something in ourselves. Especially those who have lost themselves in a body they are unfamiliar with. A lot of it manifests itself in physical desires... slim thighs, six pack, size 7 dress or simply no double chin. Don't get me wrong all of those things sound enticing and a wonderful goal to work towards. But after so many years of self-abuse in letting our minds and bodies go, isn't self-love what we are all truly after? A body we love, a mind that reflects the love for our self and a spirit that embodies what true love really is. It may all sound like hocus pocus, however it is something I would like to make a personal goal in this weight loss journey. If I make it far enough to see any loss of weight. It has happened one too may times where I start a "diet" or life style change, but nothing ever really seems to come out of it. The times I have been successful with obtaining my goal weight or near goal weight it never ends with a happy ending. And one way or another I gain the weight back and some. The all too familiar story of a chronic yo-yo dieter or as I see it weight gainer and loser, sometimes without the diet.
Onto the specifics now though, I start out again on this pointless, I mean exciting and worthwhile journey, 70 lbs from where I would like to be. A person who desires to find self-love and make the right choices in life, for the first time in life.
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