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Enough! Finally did the living room for MORE space, yeh!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Happy Thursday to everyone. :-)

Did you ever get those days where enough was enough with clutter?

Solution: Pick a date and declutter and call it a HOME PROJECT emoticon

This morning at 7am... I began my "home project" of rearranging heavy furniture which turned INTO detailed disinfecting and cleaning and decluttering of my living room and throwing things OUT that I realized I no longer needed to make MORE LIVING space.

I accomplished the following in about 7 hours...
* started at 7am.. took breaks in between
* Drank my water & homemade green juice to get veggies/fruit IN my body.
* Literally took apart a tall wood bookshelf with a screw driver/hammer to discard.
* my son helped me Move a wall unit and desk and two hugeee televisions.
* I disinfected the walls and the room, every inch
* my son helped me move the heavyyyyy sofa.
emoticon I moved so many things and threw OUT so many things that was not only cluttering my room but cluttering my LIFE if you know what I mean.

Once it was done, around 3pm, I sat down and just basked in the glow of FREEDOM.
To be able to INHALE the disinfectant and cleanliness of my now OPEN space.
To be able to have MORE walking space in the living room
To have a dust-free room and I even washed the curtains :-)
there are NO words to explain the JOY of the freedom from CLUTTER emoticon

emoticon Setting Goals is like it has a RIPPLE EFFECT... do good things and you want to do other good things, etc.... I am so PROUD that I finished my declutter project AND ate healthy for dinner, emoticon

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