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Biden and Harris - Hopes, Blessings and Concerns - What are Yours?

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Although I voted for Trump, I am fine with Biden as President. I am a moderate conservative leaning Republican and feel that the country will do fine under Biden because the Congress and the Senate will listen to the American people, and so will Biden. I am concerned though because Biden chose Harris for Vice President and I feel she will be too much of a progressive socialist influence.
What are your views?

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    I also did not think that political discussions were allowed on SP, and I have been careful not to tip my hand, but here goes..

    This is the first presidential election since 1976 that I have voted for the Democrat. I live in an extremely blue state, so I have always felt that my vote would not make a difference in the presidential election. That said, it is important to me to have my voice heard.

    I voted for Trump very reluctantly in 2016. I am not quite sure when I became totally convinced that I made a mistake. It was probably over his immigration policy, which I found to be unnecessarily cruel. Granted, I am not a fan of illegal immigration, but the extreme cruelty, coupled with his obsession over an ineffective border wall, turned me off. And I feel that his response to the Covid crisis could barely have been worse.

    I wasn't a huge fan of President Obama either. I don't want to go into what I didn't like about his policies. But I must admit that he was a decent human being. I think that could be said for all the presidents in my lifetime except LBJ and Nixon (and Trump, of course, who makes the others look like saints). I am very excited about the Biden-Harris administration, and my biggest fear at this point is that Trump will somehow steal the election (and not through the Supreme Court; I don't think that is going to happen). But I do think the people's will will prevail.
    71 days ago
    Thanks to everyone that commented on my blog. I got such a good response that I will re post it tomorrow morning so that others will be motivated to respond. I feel that by re-posting it, more sparkers will see it and add their two or three cents worth. Do keep on posting your comments here if you like through, particularly if it's about a comment below..
    71 days ago

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  • LORI-K
    Thank God we will have two competent and intelligent people at the helm, and will turn the damage that has been done to this country around.
    71 days ago
    I am anxious to see how she does. Pence didn't seem to be overly active.
    72 days ago
    I don't think you have much to worry about from Vice President-Elect Harris. A Vice President only wields a limited amount of power, though President-Elect Biden has chosen her specifically because she brings a fresh voice to the office.

    She is not a socialist. You can scratch that off your worry list. Bernie Sanders and AOC proudly call themselves democratic socialists. Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren have plainly stated that they are capitalists.

    But I would also caution you to be suspicious of people and groups that toss the label "Socialist" around as an insult. Some of the most popular programs in America are socialist: public schools, police departments, Medicare, infrastructure. These are all programs where we collectively are made to pay for a public good, whether we directly use it or not.

    Notice that in almost every case there are still private options available. You can still send your child to a private school. You can still hire private security. You can still obtain healthcare services and pay out of pocket.

    Socialists in the U.S. today don't want a government-run economy but an economy where the government has a larger role to play in guaranteeing the basic necessities of life. The areas that should and MUST offer a socialized solution (meaning we all pay into it) are those necessities: food, shelter, education, healthcare, public safety. It is unconscionable that in a country with the most wealth on earth EVER we still have children going to bed hungry.

    Your friend's response is full of factual errors.

    "We flattened the curve months ago" It quite clearly did not stay flattened. The virus is wildly out of control in many parts of the country and we are in for a very grim winter.

    I do agree that small businesses should have been supported financially through this crisis. You can lay the blame for that not happening completely on Mitch McConnell, who is happily filling more court appointments while people are losing their livelihoods. He is sitting on hundreds of pieces of legislation without even letting the Senate have hearings on them, let alone vote. He has much to answer for.

    "Biden has said he will mandate masks nation wide." He can only mandate them in government offices. He has clearly said that he will plead with governors to convince their citizens to wear them, but there is no legal action he could possibly take that would mandate their usage universally.

    "every person should have a CHOICE" Okay, the ironic language here is making me shake my head and smile. I'm reasonably sure that this person's idea of "choice" stops at allowing a woman having control over her own body.

    The whole argument over masks doesn't hold up. They're uncomfortable for sure. I don't like wearing them any more than anyone else does. But they do not lower your intake of oxygen whatsoever.

    As to the mandatory gun buyback for semi-automatic weapons, she said during the primary that she supported it, but basically that action has to be taken by Congress, so it's a moot point. I personally have no problem with taking those man-killers out of the hands of civilians. They have no practical purpose other than slaughter.
    72 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/15/2020 10:54:19 AM
    emoticon Biden/Harris emoticon
    72 days ago
    This is a response by a friend
    ad you're happy both ways. I personally have serious concerns both ways, more so with Biden, as it looks like the powers that be are in the process of stripping us of our constitutional rights and our basic human rights (like being able to BREATHE freely while in public). Our schools and libraries are still closed and we flattened the curve months ago. Defunding police and letting prisoners out onto the streets is a big red flag too. Mandating that small businesses be shut down to the point of permanent closure while letting big corporations like Walmart stay open is horrific and that's exactly what's been happening. I feel like this is no longer the land of the free and we've all been passively standing by letting them strip us of our rights like it's no big deal. I hope the direction of this changes, but Biden has said he will mandate masks nation wide (even thought they are ineffective and unhealthy) with no end date. I believe that every person should have a CHOICE as to what they put in or on their own bodies and that no one should have the right to deprive others of oxygen ever, on any level, and that's just what Biden is threatening to do...permanently. Kamala also has stated that she will impose a mandatory gun buyback, so those of us who value our second amendment rights are very opposed to her being in office at VP level. I'm more about freedom than I am about political party and the democratic party is proudly announcing that they intend to strip us of our freedoms. Hope they're just joking, but it's not looking that way. These were freedoms our fore fathers fought and died for and those were freedoms that made this country great! Anyway, just wanted you to know where I stood. I am not a huge Trump fan but I slightly prefer Trump over Biden because at least he isn't proudly boasting his plans to strip away our freedoms as part of his campaign platform. Just my 2 cents.

    73 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/14/2020 9:37:14 PM
    One Country is what we need now!
    Hug to everyone
    Love you all-- Love and Peace and Unite emoticon
    73 days ago
    As far as I'm concerned the election is over they can have all the recounts they want, all the lawsuits they want, but nothing is going to change the fact that trump is no longer the president. I don't mean any disrespect to anyone who voted for trump because you agreed with the way he has turned this country upside down, and you share his views and you share his disrespect for the people and this country. That is your right. But, I believe that this country will fare a whole lot better with Biden and Harris. It has always been the Democrats that have always cleaned up the mess that the Republicans leave behind.
    73 days ago
    it would be nice for politicians to put their views aside for the good of the people I know Mr Biden can and will do this and I believe Kamala can too,
    73 days ago
    I pray that whatever the election results end up being after all this, the leadership is responsive to our needs i America.
    73 days ago
    My Dad was a life-long Republican. I can only assume he was rolling over in his grave when the GOP nominated The Donald. Anyone who researches the history of Trump's multiple bankruptcies understands that the man failed many times in business and frequently failed to pay his contractors and subcontractors. No respect from me for that as Dad was the owner of a contracting business. I guess you could consider me a Never Trump-er,
    73 days ago
  • SUNSET09
    We pray for the people who are over us. God bless emoticon , land that I love. The votes are in and we move forward. emoticon
    73 days ago
    I didn’t think posts of political discussions were allowed on SP, but since this one is going, I will comment. I have never voted Republican because even though I have considerable financial interests that I would like to protect, I find that party’s concentration on lining the pockets of the rich at the expense of giving adequate consideration to the basic needs of the working poor just abominable. How is that Socialism? Then after the present administration’s failures in handling both the pandemic and the social unrest, it was clear to me that the Dems needed to be given a chance to clean up the mess. I am hopeful, as you, Olderowl, that Biden will be able to restore a government that works for the good of the country.
    73 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    73 days ago
  • 1958TMC
    I think America is finally on the right track. Let's give them our support. God Bless our great country!!
    73 days ago
    this election is not over, and both of those people are not good for America. IMHO
    73 days ago
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