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City wants to ELIMINATE car ports NOW not later ... Planning commissioners dont care about people o

Thursday, November 19, 2020

"City wants to ELIMINATE car ports NOW not later and

... Planning commissioners don't care about people only revenue"


someone in the neighborhood far from where I live COMPLAINED to the city about the carports

Apparently ONE man complained about his neighbors car port, I guess they had a fight, the man filed a complaint with the city for TWO of his neighbors.

The city on the TV NEWS reports they have NOT had a complaint about carports in OVER 20 years but when a complaint is FILED then they have to investigate ALL car ports in the area.... yes ALL... they drove around taking photos of all car ports. In one day they took 30 photos and the next day another 30 and so on... that is in EXCESS of 60 homes that will be affected.

so if ONE person complains we ALL must be punished?????

the goal is to have ALL RESIDENTS REMOVE THEIR CARPORTS PERIOD... that is the bottom line... seriously.. no joke.. dont matter if one has a garage or not or nothing... they want them OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am just sickened by this!

on 11/17/20 we allllllllllllllllll and I mean ALL got notices saying the carports are in violation of a city CODE....

* To install a car port NO PERMIT IS NEEDED but apparently we were UNAWARE that there are city codes about car ports... ugh...

and MOST of us have had our car ports for OVER 10 years.

* car ports much be 25 feet away from the sidewalk ON the property...
problem: MOST homes ARE 25 feet away from the side walk
so that means we cannot install car ports..... ugh!!!

one neighbor paid three thousand dollars for his car port,

I paid $800.... NOT including the $1000 cost for a new driveway
so carport could be installed emoticon ....

* the complaint said it is an eye sore for the neighborhood.... which is ridiculous... if its not hurting you then don't look at it... ugh!!!

and it is NOT a person on my block that complained it is someone far from where we live that complained and now THAT COMPLAINT WILL AFFECT ALL HOMES in this city
... the city drove around and handed out or taped to the doors or mailboxes MORE THAN 60 violation code letters to car port owners... ugh!!!

*** tomorrow we are supposed to listen IN on a hearing as this went to the news... it was on the news tonight

*** and the three people that got cited and a HUGE sign was placed in front of their house saying to REMOVE the car ports are appealing it tomorrow... so we will see what happens....

MOST of us have SINGLE CAR garages, we dont have a dual garage and most of us have MORE than one vehicle.... hence the car ports.... and they are not permanent ... just sickening sis...

its like we HAVE homes but cannot put up temporary structures ON our own property... it is sickening....

***** we may as well live in an HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION neighborhood where all the properties look alike... sickening..

* and when I brought my home 80 percent of my home was made into a DEN prior to my purchase so I do not have a garage to put a car in... its sad.

11/19/20 UPDATE ********************

ALL of us in the neighborhood are currently listening to the hearing going on right now since 8:30am...
its is almost noon and
the are still talking about OTHER AGENDAS and
will NOT get to the car ports until AFTER lunch time.

but the point is....

no matter HOW MANY people complained via the telephone to the previous agendas presented this morning about people wanting to build condominiums, and other buildings, etc....

emoticon ... it didnt matter about safety issues of a new proposed development of buildings., it didnt matter of ALL the calls that came IN on live TV and audio COMPLAINING about the proposal.....

emoticon the city planning proposal STILL APPROVED the buildings emoticon

... it was unbelievableeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..
. emoticon

we were flooredddddddddddddddddddddddd
dd emoticon

and one man even called in and said emoticon YOU commissioners dont care about our feelings or reasons because you don't LIVE here.

The commissioner's response =

A lot of people want to live here in Colorado and we are not going to stop them from moving here and you should check YOUR BIAS for NOT wanting them to move here and NOT wanting Colorado to EXPAND.

wowwwwwwwwwwwwww put the blame on the caller why don't you...

sooooooooooo what I witnessed is that... it dosent matter about PEOPLE...
what matters to them is.... how much REVENUE will be coming in....

bottom line: its ALL about the money aka: Revenue

we realized then that it doesn't matter HOW many people complain or express their Concerns... the plan board commissioners WILL approve all developments
for the sake of REVENUE/money... wow.

it is just sickening.

I am almost tempted NOT to listen to the hearing this afternoon

but I want to find out what happens to the two men who got sited and their story was on the TV news about the car port situation....

I want to SEE what happens because like ONE of those two men who requested this HEARING said on tv....

he said: If I lose MY carport... so will YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and its true.....


emoticon I will UPDATE this post after I hear from the AFTERNOON hearing...

currently they are on lunch and will resume at 1pm AFTER lunch time.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • SUNSHINE5268
    aawww thank you ALL for stopping by, hugs
    55 days ago
    Good luck with the outcome. You are right it is usually about money. I live in an older MHP in FL. They are changing a lot of rules because the City would rather have the property for Condo's. They could collect a lot more in taxes. For sure I sympathize with you.
    66 days ago
    Times are getting crazy.... funny how one or a couple people complain and it is like everyone has to change for those few people. It happens all the time in America anymore... people need to get a life. Your carport looks perfectly fine, not like you have a shack out there. Your lawn is mowed, no junk laying around outside. We have neighbors with junk outside, however, I do not report them because I figure it is their lawn, their life. I wish you the best with your carport. emoticon
    68 days ago
    Of course, King emoticon
    Don't people have better things to do???
    68 days ago
    Good luck you need the carport it look nice emoticon
    68 days ago
    sorry Hugs
    68 days ago
    On no, so sorry emoticon
    68 days ago
    Wishing you luck. What a stupid situation. Lord! And the complainer is not even from your area! Seems like it does all come down to dollars and cents. **SIGH** Your carport looks perfectly acceptable! Not an eyesore! Well, hope you do get to listen to the meeting about the carports. I hope you and all the others win.

    HUGS and so sorry!

    68 days ago
  • VHAYES04
    68 days ago
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