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Garage project + Sometimes kids surprise you ....

Monday, November 23, 2020

Front of Garage project + Sometimes grown kids surprise you ....

my son....he is always there for his mom....

he even used his day OFF to keep me company as we drove 5 hours one two occassions to and from Loveland Colorado for the dogs eye surgery removal and back again to remove stitches two weeks ago

ride home wanted to HOLD his baby
emoticon Fear not... the dog is also LATCHED to the car in case of accident.

yesterday on 11/22/20 Turkey day for us on Sunday... just because....
I came up with the organizational idea to Once and For all tackle the project that I have been PROCRASTINATING for yearssssssssssssssss.... to clean out and CLEAR the front of my garage.... its embarrassing but here is how it looked like:

emoticon BEFORE PHOTOS: This has been this way for yearsss emoticon


= NOTE: those office Black Swivel Chairs, I put in FRONT of my house to give away for FREE and it was GONE literally in LESS THAN 20 minutes... someone picked it up emoticon

emoticon emoticon AFTER PHOTOS: emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Beautiful clear floor in FRONT of garage

Front of garage beautifully cleared out emoticon

next to garage chairs and stuff are gone

front of garage with terrier

dogs napping after they inspected area lol

BEFORE side: = that white door was donated

AFTER side: = so NEAT and beautiful emoticon

emoticon I can't even explained how it feels to be FREE from the CLUTTER, oh my God its like I can Breatheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee again!!!!! It is a wonderful FREEING feeling!

I was kind of hesitant asking my son for 15 to 20 minutes of his time to help me empty out the front of the garage.... its where I store MOST of my landscaping left overs end up....

I had BINSSSS of landscaping brick, TOO HEAVY for me to move and left over porch roofing.... I forgot what its called but its solid vinyl type material that the contractor installed on the roof and over my windows, etc, etc. on materials.

we took the bricks out the bin and laid it where it was supposed to be yearssss ago.
that was done.
then the bricks that I knew I would never use due to the style and shape of the bricks.... we put near the edge of the driveway on my yard to put INTO the track over a course of weeks, little by little.

so after we was done .... I admired my NOW clean and clear space in front of the garage after I swept up all the leaves..... it looks beautifullllllllllllllllllllll sis, just beautiful

so pretty i went out a few times last night to look at it
and early this morning around 5am when I opened the door to my porch and stepped out in front of the beautiful space of a clear and clean and spotless floor in front of the garage ....

I am very PROUD of this project that me and my son completed indeed.

I am so happy sis.... so happy I may even PAINT the outside of the garage today... lol

depending on the weather, smiles.
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