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Sometimes The Lesson is in Front of Our Eyes!

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Monday, November 30, 2020

You know we can never take our health for granted. I have come to love and appreciate all my body has done and still does year in and year out. Health and fitness is a huge industry.

Did you know there are tons of books and magazines telling you ‘how to love’ your body. How to have less of a body so you can love more. And maybe live longer.

Here is a picture taken in my study—there was another bookshelf not in the picture. Books, magazines, you name it! (enjoy my photography while you're there--tee hee).

Years ago, I had stacks of books on the subject: Fit or Fat---Eat to Lose---Eat to Win … How to have a bikini body by summer---You name it. I had it! Truth is, i loved fitness and exercise and devoured every book in sight.

Then we moved-and i did not bring most of the books with us. I dropped them off at thrift stores for others to enjoy. I don't have much more than The Spark and the Spark Solution.

Then the Classroom:

I worked in a large orthopedic clinic and one day a handsome young man came in—for yet another surgery! He was mid-thirties, in a wheelchair, disabled and his body disfigured because the year before while living in New York, he and his best friend contracted the swine flu. His buddy died in the hospital in the emergency room. This young man said he had a cardiac arrest in the emergency room, yet they were able to revive him with CPR.

I never saw a man more grateful to be alive, yet several of his fingers were gone. They had to be amputated. Both legs were gone ATK---above the knees. Gangrene had set in and there was no other option. He was planning to get married, but when his fiancé realized his situation, she broke it off. He had loss of limbs, his best friend died, a job he love was gone, and the wedding was off. In such a short amount of time, everything he loved and held dear was gone.

Somewhere along the way, I found life was not always in a textbook but the classroom of life. This young man, still full of life made a lasting impression on me. My heart went out to him, but I also realized how much I may have taken for granted

I do not think there is a book on the market that could teach me what I saw with my own eyes.

“A grateful heart does not have time to grumble”. ….2bdynamic

And speaking of Loving our bodies--the wonderful design they are, i just started a NEW TEAM and it is called: I LOVE My Body!" ...

Thanks for reading friends. I am also grateful for you and this awesome sparks community!

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