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Monday, December 07, 2020

If you bought a brand-new car, would you park it in your garage and let it sit there? Or look for reasons to take it for a drive?

We are in the home stretch of this year, and i thought about my plan-and strategy to end the year strong. My main objective was NOT so much how much weight I lose from December 1 until the 31st but something else!

Something Vitally Important called METABOLISM-the metabolic process of breaking down the food and drink we consume in order to provide energy to the body. The fat burning machine! Our metabolism is like the engine of our car. Our vehicles burn gasoline. Our bodies burn carbohydrates, fat, and glucose to produce energy. When we run out of energy-we will park our body to re-fuel or reenergize.

Keep in mind not all engines are not created equal. If I want horsepower, I will buy a car with a powerful engine. One that can take me where i need to go.

This was my first car-so i know it could not compete with the turbo charged muscle car my husband owned! The small car with less horsepower will have to work harder for less results.

How does this all relate—cars-engines and our bodies?
Well, we all know by now ‘Diets Don’t work.’ That is engrained in our brain! But do we know why emoticon When calories are drastically decreased, our body compensates for this “starvation mode” and SLOWS the rate of our metabolism. Dieting can take our metabolism from high gear into low gear, swapping efficiency for sluggishness.

Every time a person diets, muscle is broken down, metabolism is slowed, becoming as powerless as the little VW Bug in picture. We simply do not have the horsepower of the bigger engine, thus are less efficient at burning calories and fat.

We see people losing significant weight through dieting—only in time to put the weight back on and then some! Muscle—is vital to burning fat. But if our metabolism looks like the VW bug—then we are not going to get the same results! We get on the scale and see we have gained weight after we dieted so hard and end up discouraged and going back to square one and repeating the dismal process again.

I thought about what had always worked to stay slim, trim and fit with lots of lean muscle. Even as a part of the baby boomer crowd, I was not pro diets! I enjoy eating healthy foods. But thankfully, I always loved fitness and exercise!

So---what did I do besides eat well? I moved—and moved a lot! I walked instead of driving any chance I could. I rode my bicycle. I rode horses. I loved exercise and looked for more fun ways to work out. But did I work out once—and call it a day? No—the idea is—to build a metabolism—your body’s ability to burn calories and provide energy too---you need to build lean muscle mass, and move way more than you sit.

Never undermine the need for emoticon strength training. ... emoticon Every other day-combined with cardio will bolster a fit metabolism—and in time you will find yourself losing inches and sculpting your body. You will feel and look great in your clothes. And you will have more energy!

My main objective for December is focusing on looking for ways to move more—It’s not a time to conserve when we want to make a powerful turbo engine-called Metabolism. Think of your muscles as 'spark plugs' … fat combustible!

Remember-Don’t park your body if you want to build a efficient running engine-or metabolism. Build it strong and you will find you don’t have to work so hard—you will have found a smarter way!
Automobiles and the human body will rust if allowed to sit idle and not be used. (yes--bodies really can rust on the inside).

Well, I had better get my motor running and get in gear! ... emoticon
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