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The Road That Takes Us Home

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Monday, December 14, 2020

Life is all about what happens between our first breath and our last.

Imagine for a moment If Today was the first day of your life.

Envision warm hands cradling your tiny hands. To feel the gentle touch of a mother's love and hear her soothing voice as you open your eyes to see the world for the first time. To discover the warmth of sunshine resting gently on your face. To hear a bird singing. To hear and feel the strength of a father’s voice. The wonders of discovering one’s tiny fists held close and wondering what those hands would find to do.

Oh, to snuggle with a puppy--preserve the sweet sounds of a newborns’ first cry, the sound of the first sneeze, or the first little giggle. To remember the first time a butterfly danced by.

To trust in the world we see as an innocent little child. To believe everything is good.

To behold all of this world’s wondrous creation. To have eyes to see and a heart to appreciate.

But imagine one day it our last day.

Would the things that once mattered really matter so much now?

If someone overlooked us and paid no attention to something we said. Or if an email was missed. The number on the bathroom scale. The morning the toast got burned and it was the last slice of bread. Or the person who took our parking place—after waiting so patiently. For the birthday card that never came.

If we could forever behold the beauty around us, would any of it matter now—on our last day on earth?

Could we possibly meet at the same place from where we began. Where our first and last day merge with our soft baby hands held in our older hands, weathered by time. Would we be found to have a humble heart of gratitude for the miracle of life—for all the experiences we got to live. For a story that was ours alone to tell.

Would that road find us grateful for fresh beginnings and happy endings? From the time we took our first breath until our last.

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