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What Is Your Opinion?

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Thursday, December 17, 2020

Ever been boggled by opinions and wondered who is right. emoticon

When It comes to opinions-everybody has one. Therefore, I take opinions with a grain of salt.

If you ask several people their opinion, you can expect to get several answers.
But remember--some will give their two cents--while others are not worth a plug nickel!

“What do you think of my new hair-do?”...

#1. “I liked it before.” …. “Before what?” … “I dunno. Just before.”
#2. " I like it better than when you parted down the the middle. It looked like a freeway.”
#3. "I liked it with the part on the left. It keeps people from noticing your bad side.”
#4. “It’s good you have bangs. You used to have too much gray matter showing through.”
#5. “I like the messy look! Did you cut it yourself?."
#6. “I like the 'do' on your driver’s license. Where you said you only weighed 150 lbs."
#7. 'Is it shabby or chic?"

Consider a Checklist
Before you conduct a survey, ask yourself:
#1. Does their opinion really matter?
#2. Will it change my opinion? Enrich my life?
#3. Will it matter 100 years from now?

If you answered No to these questions--take them with a grain of salt.
Or do what i do--don't ask...(except for this blog--lol).

Thanks for reading! I thought we could use a little humor these days.
And for your enjoyment—click on the link for a little festivity.

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