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Having A Happy Life

Thursday, December 17, 2020

How to have a happy life... from a non-expert.

I am overall happy. The main key is to give more than you get.

Listen in conversations instead of going over what you are going to say.

Appreciate your husband. Smile at him in the mornings. Tell him he is wonderful, appreciated, handsome, etc... you get it. The relationship will be better.

Tell your friends you love them and appreciate them.

Tell your children how wonderful they are. (I don't have any, but would do this.)

Think less about yourself and your problems and focus on others.

Read the Bible, pray, meditate, have quiet time... whatever YOU believe.

Watch less news, in fact have days you don't even turn on the TV.

Listen to inspiring music or feel good music.

Get out into nature, it's always refreshing.

Have pets. They are a source of pleasure and even joy.

Try your best to be healthy. Not feeling good leaves you in a bad mood. That is why older people are grumpy, too many aches and pains. I am older and have aches and pains, but trying to be healthier and not grumpy!

Just be kind. Not so kind that you are taken advantage of, just kind. I have some beautiful Christian friends who have been taken advantage of because they were too trusting. You can be kind without being too trusting.

Read books.

Learn something new, it's never too late.
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