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Monday, December 21, 2020

December 20th is a special day for my transformation. Its been exactly seven years from the decision to try a 2 week no added sugar trial that I was over 90% sure would not work out. The 10% buffer of hope since I had not attempted a no sugar trial without artificial sweeteners. When I started the no sugar trial Dec 20th 2013 the one thing I was positive is I could go no longer than 1 week without a bowl of ice cream. Here I am seven years later 210 pounds less and not one bowl of ice cream in 7 years!

Its been exactly one year from a new right hip on12/20/2019 and three years from a new left hip 12/20/17. Regardless how active a person is. New hips can last over twice as long at a normal body weight. There is a saying that "your life changes about every seven years".

Continue to be unusually busy. Scrap metal prices took a decent jump. Have almost 20 years worth collecting behind shed. So its double duty hauling and loading hay and scrap metal next few days. Feels like I am always borderline stressing my body out.

Doing exceptionally well with my nutrition and food accountability. Its not easy, but not too difficult either. The intermittent fasting from 12 midnight to 2 pm is working out well. Its shaving off about a 1000 calories per day, instead of around 4000 its closer to 3000. My resting heart beat is 48 now. Last year it was around the 52 to 55 range. Either that is a problem or its very very good. I don't have any symptoms that would warrant any concerns. The feet and ankles continue to be problematic. Rather disappointing being in my best physical condition with a three week vacation centered around hiking. Silver lining is I will be hiking less, focusing on my nutrition more and theoretically loosing weight more rapidly. Still at 344 which may explain my feet issues and surly another reason why joint health from the extra weight is my weakest link. Plan is to focus on solving the weakest link. If I do not blog sooner, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!
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