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52 Goals For 2021

Thursday, December 31, 2020

This year I want to start out with s list of 52 healthy goals to do. I will take each week and work on one. I will do the goal that week and continue doing it the rest of the year. They are healthy things to make my life better. Goals 1.Record weight in weight journal 2.Exercise for 30 minutes 5x a week 3.Eat sweets only once a week 4.Do zoom classes with Senior link 5.Get back rub 3x a week 6.Drink at least a full glass water before or with each meal 7.Drink full glass water with 3:00 snack 8.Eat three meals and one snack a day 9.Eat breakfast before 10 am 10.No soda 11.Drink sparkling water for the fiz 12.Eat on low range of allotment for the day 13.Eat less salt 14.No eating after 7 15.Write daily in journal 16.Read a book a month 17.Watch at least one comedy movie a week 18.Help someone at least once a week 19.Write a weekly blog 20.Write in journal a list of 5 positive things daily 21.Write in journal each day one healthy thing I have done each day 22.Each day write a gratitude list in journal 23.Get out in fresh air for at least ten minutes a day 24. Reach out to out of town family once a week 25. Eat no red meat 26. Eat fish 3x a week 27. Eat no white flour baked goods 28. Eat no processed foods 29. Learn a new word a week and use it 30. Try a new veggie 31. Eat 3 veg and 2 fruit a day 32. Try new recipe 33. Track food daily 34. Track exercise weekly 35. Send supportive spark mail 36. Write supportive comment on others Spark page 37. Only drink one cup coffee or tea daily 38. Eat salad for a meal 3x abweek 39. Take a walk 2x a week 40. Do strength training 3x a week 41. Do SparkPeople video 3x a week 42. Read SparkPeople success story 3x a week 43.Read SparkPeople hints 3x a week 44. Each day read one positive quote and journal about it 45. Each day post on Spark teams 46. Do SoarkPeople calendar challenge 47. Give hubby a back rub 3x a week 48. Try a new exercise 49.Review yearly goals 50. Write blog about how year has gone with 52 goals 51. Make list of next year's weekly goals 52. Write blog of new goals for 2022 I am posting this list on my frig and give myself sticker for each goal met. Every four goals met I will reward myself with $20 I think this is a good plan for getting and staying healthy
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