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Farewell to 2020

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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Do not become a stranger to yourself by blending in with everyone else. … Dodinsky

I remember when my parents bought our first television—a black and white square model with rabbit ears. My brothers and I were in hog heaven! We could watch The Beave---Leave it to Beaver—the Three Stooges and cartoons on Saturday morning. Life was good. Until it got better.

Those were the ‘olden days’ to some. All that is now outdated and obsolete. In high school, I got my own high-fi for my bedroom. I thought I had gone to heaven! I stacked a bunch of singles and listened while getting ready for school. But all those things quickly became as outdated as guys wearing blue suede shoes and girl’s in poodle skirts.

Funny how some things stay the same. Like traditional NYs resolutions. Make em. Break em.

The question asked by millions every January 1 is, “Do I or don’t I? “ Partake of a tradition that began thousands of years ago. Knowing only a small percentage will succeed. Would the originators of a yearly resolution conform if they were alive today?

The pictures you see of a gym—with the place crowded first week of January only to find it near empty one month later are very real.

So then, what is the difference in a traditional new year’s resolution vs a challenge? Or a commitment but unlike the NY resolution, the timeline is different.

With a yearly resolution, am I sending a sublime message to myself that I will ‘do better’ this year? Am I secretly saying I did not do all that well last year? Was I not good enough? Did I fail? What then?

Ah yes--the old guilt feeling when we feel we have ‘done something wrong.’
Usually followed by self-berating and general: "You ought to be ashamed!"
The yearlong commitment feels like prison--into a cell that is unlocked.
I can leave any time it gets uncomfortable. And it will.
(Not that I have any experience being jailed--lol) ..

A challenge however is far more liberating. Or i can just make it a lifestyle and commit to daily good choices! ...But then--IF you do like resolutions or just need a chuckle--here it is!

I wish happiness and good health for you in 2021-and an abundantly prosperous year! (Remembering it is what works for YOU!)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thanks for sharing! 💖Love it!,
    42 days ago
    We weren't allowed to watch Saturday cartoons.
    52 days ago
  • SHARON10002
    I operate with the thought of "Progress not Perfection". Any progress I see is welcome no matter how tiny, and it's not always tied to the scale. If there is a slight back-step then I pause, take a deep breath, and try to be reflect on what might have happened. I keep facing forward, and try to remain positive overall. If my mood and emotions indicate otherwise, I do something that will move me in a more positive direction. I feel it's the best I can do.
    My new year's resolution is to keep on keepin' on, and stay as positive as I can. May not work for all, but I have found that it works for me.
    52 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    53 days ago
    It has all been said but thank you for giving me the suggestion/idea to work on challenges. I'm going to try it out! emoticon emoticon
    53 days ago
    Happy New Year even thought it 4 days old we can get a plan to get our selves in happy healthy journey on our journey going to get my self moving the word Challenge is the word going to use this year since i can set goals in the challenge for each week or the month and those can be reached and new ones set resolutions are huge and to me seem unreachable . thanks for the memories of past makes me wonder what memories 2020 will have i hope a few good ones like Sat morning Cartoons .
    have a healthy and peaceful 2021 emoticon emoticon emoticon
    53 days ago
    What a great blog. I have been thinking about these things the last few days. Normally on NYE/NYD I get depressed with thinking of all the changes I need to make and how hard things are going to be. I NEED TO DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. This year, I decided what I was going to do to continue to make the progress I have been making. I have a plan in place. I can and will do it!!

    In some ways I wanted to drop kick 2020 out the door, in others 2020 has been a life saver for me.
    All about perspective.

    Happy New Year Jan!
    53 days ago
    That brought back memories for me, with the first tv and hifi and 45's. Oh yes!
    My 2021 will be better, I'm determined to not make the same mistake I have in the past few years- gain weight.
    All the best to you Jan. emoticon emoticon

    53 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    54 days ago
  • SISSIE21
    Happy 2021! The first part of your blog brought back such memories. I remember when our neighbors bought. a color TV and we all flocked to their livingroom to watch The Wizard of Oz. Magical!
    Lots to think about in terms of resolutions. What works, what empowers you and what diminishes your self esteem. Guess we are all doing our our best. Have a healthy and fulfilling year my friend! emoticon
    54 days ago
  • AURA18
    emoticon emoticon 2B and good health to you and all emoticon
    Thanks for writing this blog the comments are inspiring emoticon
    "let's do it again - with some modifications" sweetneey
    54 days ago
    Happy blessed 2021 Jan.
    Hope it's an awesome year for you. emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Hugs and smiles,

    54 days ago
  • no profile photo GRAMPIAN
    Happy New Year to you. emoticon
    54 days ago
  • no profile photo RACHNACH
    55 days ago
    55 days ago
    So cute & fun! emoticon
    55 days ago
  • THOMS1
    Happy New Year and yes, we had a black and white tv with those rabbit ears also. Those were the days of wrestling, Liberace Bishop Sheen and the musketeers. I think it was too early for American Bandstand. There was not much to watch. Thank You for this blog and all the memories. I like the new team also. emoticon
    55 days ago
  • KELLY2021
    Love the memes and the attitude, thanks for this. emoticon
    55 days ago
    Great blog and great thoughts. Love your insight.
    Happy New Year! emoticon
    55 days ago
  • RHOOK20047
    I have found that my resolutions have become more open ended. No more I will do or won't do, but I plan to try to and I have more success that way. I occasionally will do something if it pertains to self-improvement such years ago, I shocked my wife by setting a resolution to make the bed when I get up, since I then it is a daily habit. This year my wife and I decided to set a resolution that we would be more tolerate of each others quirky habits. After spending 45 years together, we should be able to ignore some things.
    55 days ago
  • UPTOIT59
    Happy New Year! I like your blog today- I like New Year's resolutions but they are seldom about weight or exercise- they are about self improvement though. I should be kinder, gentler, less self absorbed, etc. you get the gist. I believe it is good to take stock on or around New Years to see what and what isn't working, don't you think?

    55 days ago
    Great blog! I am not into new year resolutions...I rather keep plugging away on my small goals!
    55 days ago
    As the saying goes around here on campus..we are all an experiment of one, this one says it will be a good and productive New Year.
    56 days ago
    I prefer an improving lifestyle to resolutions
    56 days ago
    I am not a resolution maker either. For me it is wake up on Sunday morning and tell myself, "here we go on a new week, let's do the best we can!" Why try to plan a whole year ahead? Who knows what can happen?

    Thanks Jan, I hope your New Year brings peace and good health your way! emoticon emoticon
    56 days ago
    emoticon Happy New Year emoticon emoticon
    56 days ago
    Happy New Year
    56 days ago
  • LIS193
    Happy New Year
    56 days ago
    Wishing you abundant happiness and good health in 2021 as well!
    56 days ago
    Happy New Year!
    57 days ago
    Resolutions really don't work. The blog you'd shared from a friend who will "realize" her goals instead is the way to think towards this new year. Realizing that we can lose that 5 lbs, 10 lbs, etc...Realizing that we can add more water daily to our goals. These are more important than resolutions.
    Thank you for sharing her blogs with me, by the way. Definitely sparked me. emoticon emoticon

    P.S. I'm still catching up on a lot of email.... if you get something that you don't comprehend the meaning, it's probably something from a few days or a week ago. emoticon
    57 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/31/2020 9:55:17 PM
    Ahhh ... looking back to see what worked what might need more work. Looking forward to ensure you get out of life and yourself the best.

    When we got our "new" TV ... my brother and I played with the box more than we sat in front of the TV.
    57 days ago
    Happy New Year
    57 days ago
  • JAMER123
    Hoping we all can have a great new year and meet any of the goals we set for ourselves in 2021. We will continue to have our challenges. And I know mine is called motivation. My goal is to find where it went!
    emoticon emoticon
    Wishing you a wonderful New year!
    57 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon Happy New Year!! emoticon
    57 days ago
    I don't make resolutions. It is useless for me..........I have so much going on, taking care of hubs
    and 2 people living with us going on 4 years when it was to only be a couple months til they found jobs
    and a house..........., and I can't remember
    them a week later. Which just causes stress.

    Happy and Blessed New Year to everyone.
    57 days ago
    I plan on making 2021 epic! I hope your new year is filled with blessings, love, and peace. emoticon emoticon
    57 days ago
  • ALICIA363
    Well said!
    Happy New Year!
    57 days ago
    Thank you. All the best for this coming year to you and yours. Happy New Year, cheers! emoticon
    57 days ago
    happy new years
    57 days ago
    Thanks for the great blogs …happy New Year!!
    57 days ago
    I quit making New Year’s resolutions years ago. You don’t need a special day emoticon to begin anything.
    57 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    57 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    I just know that I want to make every moment count next year no matter what is going on. Health is the main reason most of us are on here and I want to stick to that journey once again. Have heard it million of times, but doesn't God give us a clean slate every day?

    Each day forward with the new year looming ahead will be for the positive, because I'm am so overwhelmed with all the sadness going on. I will enjoy your blogs, because they bring so much positivity.

    Thanks for all you do Jan, and Happy New Year to you and Dave! Here's to a healthier, safer, and peaceful year.
    57 days ago
    A look back and a look forward. Great!

    We had a black and white table model TV too in 1952 I think.

    I joined Spark on Jan 1, 2009, but not as a resolution fortunately. Otherwise I probably wouldn't be still here and certainly not in maintenance

    I like the idea of challenge with short term goals. Then when they become automatic and we can move on to a new challenge.

    I love the new team. Keeping me focused!

    57 days ago
    Lovely blog -- and really enjoyed that gym that's gonna become a bar in two months. . . Remember gyms? remember bars?
    57 days ago
    Wonderful memories. We also had a television just like yours and that was our TV for many years. When it didn't work my dad would take out the tubes, go up to the drug store to test which one(s) needed replacing and we were good to go. Now when the TV stops working we just buy a new one! I gave up on resolutions years ago because I could never live up to them. But I am challenging myself to make some changes in 2021 - the first of which is to stop watching the morning news. I think I can find better things to do with that hour or so! Happy New Year to you!
    57 days ago
  • no profile photo CHAYOR73
    emoticon HAPPY NEW YEAR!! emoticon emoticon
    57 days ago
    You think things of our past strange now, wonder what our grandparents would think? As always some things have improved and some have not. In the end it's all good. God is all good ALWAYS and will continue our journey with those of us who want His company.

    Have a fantastic and blessed New Year everyone!
    57 days ago
    Wishing you much health and happiness and a blessed new year.
    57 days ago
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