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A community that is nurturing and stable

Sunday, January 03, 2021

January 1, 2021

I will try to:
1, Have clarity in what I want and act accordingly: I did some soul searching and this year I want to encourage people to put aside their differences and live in harmony with their family, neighbors and fellow citizens. I will do my part and be an example to others.

2. Be the person who understands and forgives; No one, even myself can fully know the trials and tribulations of others, sometimes even their spouses! Assume that they are doing their best given their circumstances. Even if they make a mistake, let them know that you see them as a better more capable person; and, give them a suggestion and chance to make amends.

3. Be the person who has a nurturing heart; Those who bring out the best in others, and improve their welfare, are most blessed by their fellow citizens.

4. Be the person who listens instead of judges; Everyone at times could gain a lot of clarity by being able to discuss their concerns with another who listens without needing to judge or deprive the speaker of the ability to find her or her own solution. Instead ask questions that would allow the speakers to 1) clarify within their minds the options that they have and 2) let them know by your interest that you believe in them.

5. Be the person others can count on, and most importantly by your example, are inspired to leave still other people better off. If you feel charitable, remember not to deny others a feeling of worth, let the person you helped know they don’t need to pay you back. Instead, tell them that you know that once they get the ability to, they can play the favor forward to help others.

I will Start...
with this vision of a community that becomes more nurturing and stable as a result of many following my own and your example;
with a vision of communities where the opportunity for all citizens to grow and prosper is not denied by the actions or non-action of the unwise;
with a positive vision of communities that will provide an educated and confident citizenship that has faith in the well-being of their children and grandchildren, and future generations to come.

And I hope you will build upon this vision...
By reading stories of virtuous people who you admire, and note that their strengths and values that make them admirable can be made your own;
by ignoring the worldly impression that you as an individual are powerless to effect a positive change in your community or country, and acting with faith that participation in the election of politicians who best share your views, works to the benefit of all, and with faith that your example will inspire other good citizens to do their part also.
lastly by building upon your strengths so that others can be blessed by your efforts and so that everyone including you can prosper.

I wish all a HAPPY NEW YEAR and success with all your goals especially with your goals within Sparkpeople. With your effort and help, 2021 will be a very blessed year, whether or not you believe in God – and although my faith is not strong, it is strong enough for me to pray that as you had read this, it will inspire you to do your part to make 2021 a blessed year.,

NOTE: I develop my own view of right and wrong and now consider myself an Independent, neither Democrat or Republican. I know that others can disagree with my idea of what is virtuous, so do what you feel is right based on your own feelings of what is right. It is your choice, I only ask that you be willing to challenge your own opinions by giving weight to opposing view points before you make the final decision when the time is ripe, without malice toward anyone merely because their beliefs differ. I consider views expressed on both CNN and FOX for the well being of my self education and feel this world will be a better place if others follow my example.

Thank you for reading my Blog and I hope you enjoyed my sharing these thoughts.. Comments below or via Spark mail are welcome, With Love - Bob
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