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How's Your ME Time--Getting Enuf?

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Monday, January 04, 2021

Is there ever a sliver of time left at the end of the day for some ME time?

You hear people talk about it. You daydream about it. You could call it a Time Out for Me, Myself, and I! A time to tune out news, negativity, and voices spouting opinions faster than microwave popcorn! Me time is taking a min vacay from television, the radio, barking dogs and a ringing phone. If you do not take it while you can, no one is going to hand it to you! Haven’t you been on the back burner long enough?

You find a secluded place where NO one will find you! You soak in the sounds of nature, and admire the eagle that flies by. Ah-these stolen moments feel great! I can hear myself think! ME time is good stuff!

Suddenly you hear the sound of clomping feet smacking the trail and they are coming closer!

Oh No! It’s Helen DuPonte, the walking almanac---new abridged edition of aches and pains.
Pick a malady and if she does not have it now, she has or likely will! Or her second cousin’s neighbor’s aunt has!

“Oh No! She is going to crush my ME time! Nowhere to go! Dare I jump off this cliff?

“Suzie—Is that you?” Helen asks. (you recognize the familiar drone)

“Me?” you timidly answer, as if she might be asking someone else on the edge.
Avoid eye contact and don't ask anything starting with ‘how.’ i.e. "How are you today? …. How you been doing? How’s the family and what’s new with you?” (try 'n avoid questions altogether) Unless you have all day and into the next week.

“So then Suzie, things have not been going so well with Radar and me. We’ve been seeing a counselor. What do you know about marriage on the rocks?”

"Uh—gee Helen--...🤔...I only know about Scotch on the rocks. Sorry. “Wish I could help but I've never been married.” (blatant white lie) “Or in love!” (another lie)

“And as much as I would LOVE to catch up, I am late for an appointment, so I need to run!” (fib)

(I have an appointment with ME, and I am almost out of time!).... emoticon
All the above is purely fiction--and just for fun! Thanks for swinging by! (this was written for those who feel pulled like taffy with little time for self).I realize many of us have perhaps too much time on our hands. My husband lost his job last March due to Covid-19, So having too much time or not enough is not good either. May we all find the balance we need until things get back to normal ...hoping that they will!..😷...💕...
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