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The Secrets to Success is Quite Simple

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Thursday, January 07, 2021

She believed she could--so she began her plan of action.
Adding action to our beliefs is bound to bring results. Nothing is left to chance.

These words spoke truth to me. As I pondered it--I found the message to be one of simplicity. Yet profound. Something I like. Especially when I have a lot of irons in the fire lately and am busy prepping for a deadline.

No need for long laborious lists that leave you exhausted. I put my priorities at the top and tend to as if tending a garden to caring for a new puppy. It is that important!

What we do daily has an end result---(positive or negative).
Case in point---I give two illustrations.

1. I was having hip pain (arthritic) that frequently woke me in the wee hours. The burning and nagging pain interfered with my sleep, robbing me of energy.

Remedy: I literally stumbled onto the solution in December when I committed to daily exercise--specifically lower body weight bearing exercises mixed with walking. What a relief when in a matter of days, I noticed the hip pain was much less. Before the end of the month, two weeks into the month, it subsided about 90%. This was a major victory! My wellbeing and sleep improved significantly! (other things benefited as well as I did what I know to do—daily).

2. Twice, I decided to write a book. That can be overwhelming. Even exhausting. Where does one start? I began working on ONE chapter at a time and building on the next and the next. Once finished, started the next book.

End Result: One chapter--followed by another produced an entire book! ... yes, it was work, my brain sweated---But I did not falter until the work was done. The gratification and reward that followed is indescribable!

My desires followed with a daily plan have brought me a sense of accomplishment and affirm the words of John C. Maxwell.

To start and finish something is like a breath of fresh air!
I am convinced that the secret lies in our daily commitments.
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