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2021-01-14 A tormenting question

Thursday, January 14, 2021

So a news alert pop up just popped up saying Biden's recovery plan is to give $1400 to individuals.. (everyone?)

There have already been two check sent out..
(I have wondered the same question for each of them, also)

our Government is head over heel in exorbitant debt... RIGHT?
and has been for a great many years.

So my question is... (1) Where is this money coming from ???

I doubt there have been any cuts in expenses to cover these additional debts.

I mean I know the money that the government supposedly has to spend is what it collects in TAXES ... right?? and who pays those taxes??

the vaccines are free...to get... but somebody somewhere is paying for them and their distribution.. I doubt the drug companies are making and distributing the vaccines at their expense,,

Are we selling our country to someone or some country to pay our bills?
(and have been doing so for probably since before I was born.)

I mean if you or I borrowed money from a person or a lending institution... we would be required to pay up at some point in time or lose the collateral ..

Just ..
What have the leaders of our country been putting up as collateral to borrow more & more $$

I doubt they (who ever the lenders are) will allow our country to declare bankruptcy ...

Just wondering .. and frightening myself ... Rather glad I am old and will hopefully be dead and buried before this fiasco (fiasco - not a strong enough word) could say s##t hits the fan.

Yet I have family that will probably still be roaming the earth. I want better for them.

So question (2) Am I the only one that wonders these thoughts.
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