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2021-01-15 Memory lane

Friday, January 15, 2021

TEAM QUESTION of the day...
If you could hire someone to help you, would it be with cleaning, cooking, or yard work?

I chose...
A Meal Planning Chef - A Private Tutor, if you will

Not forever... but just to teach me what I need to know ..

then I started to think too much and ramble on as I am wont to do.. so I deleted my ramble from the team response and plunked it over here...

I still have not figured out the which, what, when etc. of the ingredients I like in recipes I would prepare that I should be eating daily over the course of a week/month..to meet the range I am supposed to achieve.. for calories and nutrients...

Since, I still have not found the combination of things I like and therefore will eat that keeps me in all the ranges I am supposed to attain. As every day a couple items are always low, one is always high, and the rest usually in range.. Except when I try to get the lows in range then the total calories always goes over and everything goes ka-fluie.

My reasoning:
I chose cooking because
I love yard work or I always have in the past. I don't mind sharing but would not want to give it up entirely.
and not cleaning, not because I like cleaning but...
because I just wouldn't like to have someone traversing all through my home.
and maybe because
when I was a kid my mom had someone come in to clean.. I asked my mom not to let them in my bedroom.. but in they went and broke the lamp that my deceased grandmother had given to me.. It was priceless, to me - ordinary to anyone else, and not salvageable.. nearly 70 years later.. it still breaks my heart. It was the only thing I had that she had given to me. Silly I know. I do have some things of hers.. her lapel watch is a prized possession.. but it is way to heavy to wear with the fabrics of today. I also have a pair of screw-back dangle cameo earrings that belonged to her. Oh, and her folding checker board that when folded makes a box for storing the checkers within. And her Chinese Checkers board, too.(the marbles have been lost.. maybe I will look to replace them) She died 71 years ago last October when I was 7. (The lamp got broke when I was about 12 or 13)
Well, I have spent way too much time wandering memory lane... and life goes on. Whether we are ready, or willing, or able.
Take Care,
Have a great weekend.. and share a smile or 2 or 3..
Life is too short to waste it on frowns.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Your comments about your grandmother's lamp made me think about value. It's kind of in the eye of the beholder. The lamp may have been ordinary but the fact that it belonged to someone you love made it precious.

    As to your question- I would pick a house cleaner because neither my husband nor I like to clean and we're not good at it.
    39 days ago
    Planning chef or better yet, just a chef! I do not like cooking and it shows.
    45 days ago
    Healthy and tasty food. I don't have a garden anymore but I also
    would have trouble getting down on my knees. Sorry to hear about
    the broken lamp. I have a pair of Singer scissors that belonged to
    my mother and I was distraught when I had left them behind at a friend's.

    Back in the day, it was easy to post scissors in the mail and thankfully
    my friend posted them to me. I know how you feel as my mum died
    in 1950 and that is the only thing I have.
    45 days ago
    45 days ago
  • LINDA7677
    Help with cleaning please
    45 days ago
    I agree with the meal planning chef - thanks for sharing this
    45 days ago
    Since I'm disabled all of the above...
    45 days ago
    I would love to have someone help with cleaning,
    45 days ago
    I love yard work.
    I'm a lousy cook, but we get by.
    I HATE housework. I would love to have someone clean and organize my house for me. I think I could maintain it if I ever got it organized. I'm lousy at that particular skill. My house is never really dirty, just cluttered.
    45 days ago
    CLEANING. I only like to vacuum. I sometimes get into cleaning, but mostly I am not in the mood. We are lucky though-we have an HOA so the only yardwork I do it my garden which to be honest I don't enjoy doing. I do like cooking though.

    Have a good weekend!
    45 days ago
    That is a very hard question for me. I was spoiled by my husband who loved to cook and when he retired did 99.9% of the cooking. Also, I do not enjoy yard work but will help someone else if they are doing the heavy stuff. And I admit that I do not really like cleaning house. I keep a pretty clean house because I straighten as I do things but cleaning shower/toilets is really hard for me as it entails getting on my knees. I do the best I can. LOL
    45 days ago
    I'm with you.

    My answer to the question "what is your favorite food?" is whatever someone else made and put in front of me.

    I suppose I would be able to specify "healthy" and "tasty" and that's it.
    Just put it in front of me.

    I know exactly how you feel about the lamp.
    I still mourn the loss of a few sentimental items of no monetary value that somehow have gone missing.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    45 days ago
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