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Really, really boring discussion of my sleep patterns.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

I've got jumbled thoughts in my brain this morning.

I woke up looking like this

While sleeping, I got sweaty and must have been laying on my back so my bangs were pushed back. I look like Big Bird's grandmother. Good thing I haven't had to run out of the house for a fire drill or to pick up a paper and wave at my neighbors in my too-tight, flowered robe and old scruffy slippers!

Tink (Versa 3) registered what I already knew about my sleep but now can show everyone else if you're so inclined to be bored with technology.

This is the screenshot of my "sleep stages"

When I go to bed, I drop like a cement over-shoe in the Hudson River. There is no bringing me back up from the bottom or finding me to be coherent if something happens. Not much dreaming. Until my bladder alarm clock goes off. Why 2 am? I have no clue. Every night registers similarly so I know this is routine. Maybe it's why I tend to not be able to go back to sleep, most of my life, if I get up between 2-3. My body feels like it slept enough.

Then there's that darned REM sleep. Apparently I don't get as much as this app says I should and most of it is between 3 and 6. The shot from today shows a big block around 4 am. That must have been when I was dreaming about being in a riot. Yes, really! I've got to turn off the TV. I was the one punching someone and I remember lightly waking up breathing a little heavily, perhaps when I was sweaty, and feeling not comfortable.

That is corroborated by the next screen shot of my heart rate. Like I said, boring, unless you're as nuts about scientific studies as I am!

'Course now you get to see my danged heart rates. The cool thing is if you could superimpose one graph on the other...my heart rate increases substantially when I'm dreaming!! I must kick a$$ a lot in my sleep!
This blog has been brought to you today by the letters "S" for sleep and "T" for tired and the number 61, my average HR for the night.
There's your science for today about OJ.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Doc told us your sleep after 3am is when you brain re-boots itself.
    45 days ago
    I love data and technology, especially medical technology (at least on other people)
    I remember getting an endocardiogram and couldn't look at the screen. That's MY heart - eek!

    Seriously though. Very interesting, especially the graphs.

    Love the Sesame Street references too.
    45 days ago
    Interesting thanks :)
    46 days ago
    My neighbor's are used to my garbs - such as my alien pajamas. I pride myself on my sense of fashion. emoticon emoticon emoticon

    My take on dreams is that it is much better to be the puncher than the punchee. I am never been the punchee in my dreams. My recurrent dream is where there is a disaster of some kind and I am trying to get home to reunite with hubby. I have an emergency kit in a backpack and am a combo of MacGyver, The Terminator, and the entire SWAT team. I will get home. In my backpack I have tons of stuff like a survival guide, water purifiers, dehydrated food, solar blanket, flashlight, rope, firestarter, map, cellphone, multi-tool, first aid kit, crank radio, socks, poncho, gloves, knife, a Glock ,and enough ammo to kill everyone on the planet. I get about halfway home and there is a roadblock. The police are firm - no one can proceed - it is too dangerous, power lines and trees are down. I pretend to return to town (they are not concerned about a fat old woman) but when out of sight I go an alternate route, seldom traveled but still headed in the right direction. I am sometimes walking, sometimes running, always hiding, encountering obstacles but making progress. I wake up before I get home. I will get home though. It's me, after all.
    46 days ago
  • ALICIA363
    I thought the bird was gorgeous!
    Now I have technology envy.
    At the same time as my life’s been joyfully simplified with the elimination of Endomondo.
    A college roommate once called me a walking contradiction. “I’ve never known someone who can hold such diametrically opposed beliefs simultaneously,” she said.
    46 days ago
    Wow, that's really interesting stuff!! I haven't seen those kinds of graphs before . . .or the connection between sleep and heart rate.

    I've become a CNN addict . . . but gotta say, try to stop at least an hour before I hit the hay.
    46 days ago
    Wow! I had 23 minutes of deep sleep! YIKES!!!!!! Watched the news before sleeping. MAYBE not good for me either.

    Thanks for your run-down. Here's to good sleeping!

    46 days ago
    I have to get up the same time very night too, but some nights are worse than others and I have to get up more often. It takes me longer to go back to sleep than I would like but it usually happens eventually. I wonder what it feels like to sleep the whole night with no interruptions. emoticon
    46 days ago
    Interesting....I'm alot like you tho no recent studies to view. I had a sleep study twice many years ago that said I was borderline sleep apnea. My husband didn't like snoring so I got a Cpap but became more bother with long hose. I tried all different masks & either too uncomfortable or left marks on my face. Eventually, each got a bedroom to sleep better. I'm told I go into a deep sleep when I hit the bed...seems I lay awake & think alot. 2 hrs, I'm up for a potty run then every 2 hrs, up again. I accept it as my life. Sometimes wonder if another Cpap could help but not too interested to pay the cost & do I really need one? Keep keeping on.....
    emoticon emoticon

    46 days ago
    Guess you have some equally geeky SP friends... I found this interesting and informative. emoticon
    46 days ago
    I guess I must be as geeky about studies as you. I find it fascinating, and especially because my Versa lite also produces these graphs. After a while, you get used to what's "normal" for you!
    46 days ago
    Yes, it was interesting, Big Bird’s Grandmother.
    Looks to me like you need more sleep!
    Have u tried not drinking liquids after 7-8pm?
    How about melatonin or cbd oil?
    I could not function on so little sleep on a regular basis.
    I need about nine hours.
    46 days ago
    That was actually quite interesting....
    46 days ago
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