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Announcing-This Week I Gave Birth

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Thursday, January 21, 2021

"This world is but canvas to our imaginations." .....Henry David Thoreau

I am bursting with joy as I announce what I am holding in my hands. Not a real live baby that you rock to sleep, but an idea that started with a Vision, no bigger than a newborn's little burp. A small spark that ignited into a flame. My dream come true.

I smiled when I read a comment from a spark friend, MILPAM who posted in a blog of mine.
“You know how to make a silk purse from a sow’s ear.” No doubt--2020 was a rough year and all of us were affected in various ways.

But I put that solitary time to good use and went right into my place of refuge, desiring to make something good happen--taking my one idea and expounding on it until I was flooded with ideas. This is where I think best in seclusion and compose.

I proudly announce my baby--the idea i gave birth to this week and now hold in my hands. One that was conceived in my heart and kept secret and safe until the time was right. One year ago, I made my debut as an Author in my—my personal memoir. This followed almost to the day.

The subtitle here is faint--but it says:
........::Discover the Writer Within
A Guide for Writing Creative Non-fiction and fiction.
(This is my pen name).

In it, I encourage the reader--they need not have 'celebrity status' or be a well-known best selling author, reminding them all writers started at the same place!

All the courses I took over the years coupled with knowledge and life experience came together. When I started writing blogs on Sparks nine years ago, I had no idea I would be writing a book—and then another. I had written some children’s books after graduating from the Children’s Institute of Literature years ago. It was not until I was sharing some stories with my husband, he said, “You should write a book!”

I realized I had a lot to share, and knew how to present it in an organized manner both for fiction and nonfiction. I wrote it for the one who dreamt of writing a book but confessed, “I would not know where to start.” Or even more—for people like myself who did not realize you may have a trove of information to share with the rest of the world—just waiting to be discovered. Aside from a guide-it is infused with story telling--much that is sprinkled generously with humor!

I write this to say “thank you Spark CEO Chris Downey—for this site and providing members the privilege to write blogs, and to make friends out of once strangers. I am ever grateful for the friendships and alliances that have spawned! I know my experience would not have been as rich without you!

So, as excited as I am at announcing my labor of love—I wish to take this opportunity to say thank you! Your support and friendship means the world to me!

P.S. I wish to add for those who have asked me----Did not want to sound like I am advertising---But is is available on Amazon). I appreciate all of you who have sent me notes or asked in your post.
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